The second chapter & have spent   The types of jade carvings ( 7) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tip: subject characters varied characters, gestures differ in thousands ways, style each different, expression with kindly, solemn, joy, sadness, powerful, too. 。 。 。 。 。 Characters with varied subjects figure image, to differ in thousands ways, style each different, expression with kindly, solemn, joy, sadness, powerful, too. 。 。 。 。 。 Character modelling elegant, elegant, or meditation, or walk, or running, or flying, or water. 。 。 。 。 。 Performance figures of theme is very much, is one of the difficult to carving material. Plus ca change, however, the basic characteristics of the characters will not change, jade carving industry character induction into four types, namely the ladies, old man or a man, the boy and the figure of Buddha. Ladies are ancient girl or the fairy and so on, such as xiangu, the goddess of the moon, the red line, mago, etc; The old man including emperors, fairy, lohan, fisherman, etc. Men including literati, bachelor, riot police paladin, monk about Kui, etc. ; The lad is given priority to with ancient children images, such as bangs, and two fairy year after year, more than the title lad; The goddess of mercy, bodhisattva and Buddha figure of Buddha. The four character carve is a common traditional subject matter more. Roughly: Buddhism; Myth characters; Historical figures, etc. Bring green jade carving a Dutch boy riding a goose bring sapphire drumming the lad bring sapphire zhang guolao characters furnishing articles animal subject animals a lot of more phyletic, performance the way animals there are also real and imaginary, lifelike, there are exaggerated. Animals have a tiger, lion, leopard, Wolf, bear, deer, elephants, rhinos, etc; Doing so with horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, camel, etc; Pet dogs, cats, etc. ; Small animals have a rabbit and rat, turtles, frogs, bats, etc; Imaginary god beast with dragon, unicorn, lu, evil, etc. These animals can be carried out in accordance with the real size, posture, bearing, so that it is realistic and lifelike. Can also be exaggerated its form and position could make it innocently, delightful. Whatever animal carving, the basic characteristics of the key is to seize the animals, so carved works would vividly. Carve the lion must do the lion, for example, has summed up the 'nine pounds ten catties a lion head' the experience of the proverb; To its carved dragon is wrinkly eyebrow like worry, appears majesty; When its carved phoenix eye long and thin and curved upward, appear festival; Carved lions at the corners of the mouth become warped on, smiling, and this is what people say 'sorrow Long Xifeng laugh lions'; In addition the characteristics of the elephant is nose long and thin, ivory, tend to be secure; The tiger mouth teeth, tiger eye circle, is majestically. Bring about jade son the mother bring immortal god beast jade bring white jade horse
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