The second chapter & have spent   The types of jade carvings ( 5) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tip: clothing decorative jade common clothing decorative jade belt, hook, belt buckle, swords, etc. , the following will introduce a few of the more common. With a few pieces of jade jade belt linked into belt, clothing decorative jade jade belt end common clothing decorative jade belt, hook, belt buckle, sword, and so on, the following will introduce a few of the more common. With a few pieces of jade jade belt linked to belts, jade belt ends buckle brand, often beautiful patterns in carve. Shaanxi ChangAn County unearthed jade belt is composed of buckles, pound 15 pieces, with pounds are white jade in box, embedded in gold plate twinkle, very elegant, total length of 1. 5 meters. Jade belt hook is also called 'rhinoceros', because the hook end with bibcock modelling, the folk 'dragon hook' said. Type used to hook the belt and type is various, make elegant chic, ornamentation. Hook use mainly have two: one is installed on the belt, for hanging things, or compose on the skirt, to hook the skirt or page content. Such USES hook is generally more slender. 2 it is respectively set of knot in the ends of the belt, two hook hanging, for waist, like the skin of the now take the lead. Such USES hook generous, form two pair, sideways. Hook mainly in the spring and autumn period and the warring states period and the qin and han dynasties. Jade belt hook pure jade, and with gold and silver inlaid. Bring white jade belt leather hollow-out lotus lotus pendant bring white gourd ten thousand generation hang fall bring sank bring white jade white jade Pisces moire yi bring dragon jade belt act the role ofing drops bring agate lad play monkey decorative jade jade are exhibited have smoked, bottles, tripod, GUI jie, beans and other antique jade, as well as the sweet fume, flower receptacle, plaque, jade lamp, zoology and benevolent, character flower yushan son, etc. , and a variety of subjects including ding, GUI jie, bottles, bean, smoked, stove, pot, bottle, vase with flowers such as jade can be practical, is also displayed jade. The following will introduce some common several kinds. Zun sheng is aspersed instruments in ancient China, han dynasty. Anhui chaohu unearthed a jade vase is very elegant. Bean is a kind of containers of objects, multi-purpose ancient bronze casting. Qing anus more antique bronze modelling, fume furnace with the jade carved jade, jade, jade vase, jade beans, etc. Gradually smoked smoked furnace cover hollow out for smoked furnace, furnace into the bacon USES, and can be used as ornamental display jade. Modern jade smoked modelling is varied, the uncertainty of the size, for the box, bottle shape, flower basket table, spherical shape, furnace, etc. , large jade smoked 30 - Small 40 cm long, 4 - 5 cm. The most jade smoked in the qing dynasty, the imperial palace in possession less than jade smoked, including the Forbidden City with a lot of jade smoked. Bottle of flower arranging flowers, but often display for the jade. Very popular flowers in Ming and qing dynasties, the Ming dynasty Lu Zigang tea-coloured crystal of the plum flower is very famous. The receptacle with tea-coloured crystal cut system, the surface carve a plum, the plum blossom is use opportunely tea-coloured crystal white carved, qiao color plum blossom is very beautiful, and engraved lines badging. Plaque on the plaque is inserted in the wooden frame or jade jade piece, with bas-relief above technique, decorated with all sorts of design, with auspicious words, landscape character, the fairy Taoist, rural cottage, etc. Socket for folding table, cloud and architecture. Best wishes, also known as Orion battle, itch scratched. Gradually evolved into a mascot. Ruyi is elongated, a head bending in the majority, there are also two head bent, satisfied the bow on the middle, ruyi head is ganoderma lucidum, peach, yunlong, xi feng, or joy, life of auspicious decoration. Have the best body carve. Luck can display or play with, can also be used as precious gifts, mating betrothal gifts. Dashanzi is given priority to with three-dimensional full relief, relief landscape landscape, compose with transport, architecture, people and animal, etc. , are sold to choose myths, legends, wins sites such as subject matter. Pay attention to the levels of near-far effect, the pursuit of poetic art style. Yushan son has a famous 'dayu water conservancy' and 'making-friends nine old figure', 'akiyama travelled figure', 'toin had, etc. Furnishing articles with animals, flowers and birds, characters as the theme of a jade penjing neolithic age to the display of the Ming and qing dynasties has been popular with people, how use the techniques such as round, valuable. such handiwork is made. Han dynasty jade benma is han anal carve typical jade. First used in the door for decoration. The han dynasty unearthed jade shop first lot, now find the biggest a high 34. 2 cm, and the width of 35. 6 cm and weighs 10. 6 kg, adopting the embossment is combined with engraved look, beast grain stateliness carved cut very delicate. Bring a white jade carving the tired child good live yi bring white mark stein yi style bring white moire yi bring jasper shochiku plum blossom put bring engraved look ganoderma lucidum white jade jade jade flower bring double therefore ear receptacle
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