The second chapter & have spent       The type of stone carving, A) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tip: small sculpture sculpture in stone, is a picture of the stone carving of one of the most ancient art form. Cultural Shi Mopan PeiLiGang from about seventy-eight thousand years ago, has processing very delicate. Since small stone sculpture sculpture in stone, is a picture of the stone carving of one of the most ancient art form. Cultural Shi Mopan PeiLiGang from about seventy-eight thousand years ago, has processing very delicate. After stone carving works gradually increased, entered the era of civilization WeiCheng observatory, become one of the major form of small sculpture art in ancient China. Small stone sculpture is the space image, it should be based on the drawing, and used in a variety of complex process on the stone carving space image, thus creating the most difficult. Prehistoric small stone sculpture, abstract and plain and mostly, chow, small stone sculpture is exquisite is rigorous, but also different from ancient Greek and Roman reproducibility of small sculpture model, it is both realistic and is abstract, full of romantic fantasy magic religion. Into the era of the warring states qin and han dynasties, small stone sculpture style incline to HunXiong of primitive simplicity, is increasingly diversified. The southern and northern dynasties, sui and tang dynasties era, the prevalence of western buddhist art in China, changed the stone carving art development process and present the unprecedented prosperity, whether religious or secular stone figurines are beautiful. In the song and yuan Ming and qing dynasties, small stone is to enter homes, become an important category in Chinese arts and crafts. To the discovery of the ancient stone carving and scientific research, from the incoming and development of modern archaeology in China. Powers of cultural aggression against China began in the end of the 19th century, they are from China, and they carried away a lot of ancient art, including many precious stone, but most of them related to the buddhist art. Excavation and study of stone carvings to conduct a comprehensive archaeological investigation hinder will take the job, or a Chinese scholar and more than half a century since the remarkable achievements. First of all, the ancient stone found that has been largely a series of prehistoric and all previous dynasties, they came to an underground sites, tombs, ancient buildings and grottoes, and cliff statues. Which the northeast hongshan culture stone portraits, shandong longshan culture stone pigs, erlitou culture stone sheep, shang dynasty tombstone, huo qubing in the western han dynasty tomb of fu hao carved stone, 6 horses of zhaoling relief in tang dynasty, henan mahjong layout of song dynasty tombstone figures, etc. , all reflects the ancient stone carving art achievements, the discoveries and research stone monograph of various kinds are springing up constantly, have system is introduced and the research of ancient stone carving. In addition, referring to various books, reports and cultural relics and archaeology research, but also abound. Due to the tuned poems of ancient stone carving works, its most basic installment date of work, must rely on archaeology method. For each category and each style of ancient stone carving style of the relationship between vertical and horizontal comparison, is a basic research of archaeological typology. So you can put ancient works of art in reliable synthetical investigation status, can be developed on the basis of the cohort in installment of deeper research. In fact, stone carvings dating is not easy, each piece of ancient stone carving works with the region and the characteristics of The Times, and it is not an isolated phenomenon, and the coexistence of relationship has a direct and indirect. For example, from the ruins and tombs of stone and can support each other, and the coexistence of cultural relics dating more easily, it also became a standard of dating other stone carvings. Have a plenty of stone from the same period, but with different parts of the style, transverse is difficult, we have to from the partition for the evolution law of its own. Each piece of art, with the then historical conditions, religion, and all kinds of ideology, also with different kinds of art forms in more or less contact, with reference to each other, this will help improve the scientificalness and accuracy of dating stone. Time, the later the ancient stone carving style is more diverse, it's to increase difficulty to date. And academic study of stone cultural relics late enough attention, especially from folk ancient stone carving art, remains to be warm-hearted man to more attention and found that to use those composed of ancient stone carving art treasures await a new chapter. Bring about sit Shinto stone lion bring about the Ming tombs was born - Elephant bring Tian Yi tombstone like aging bring stone monkey bring about nine therefore threading bring taoyuan sworn
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