The safety awareness of plastic toys still needs to be improved

by:Ennas      2021-12-22

At around 12 noon on October 11, a young couple hurried to the special service squadron of the fire brigade of Suqian with their five-month-old daughter. It turned out that the child’s right thumb was accidentally stuck by a toy and could not be taken out. . After the firefighters dismantled the toy and took out the fingers, the baby was not seriously injured due to the timely rescue. The reporter learned that the accommodation of the young couple moved to the Sunshine Huacheng Community of the Economic and Technological Development Zone. At noon that day, the child's mother, Ms. Hou, was cooking in the kitchen when she suddenly heard her daughter who was playing alone 'wow wow' crying. 'At first I thought she was hungry, so I rushed to get milk, and later picked her up, only to find that her thumb was stuck in the cracks of the toy ball and could not be taken out.' Ms. Hou first thought of applying soap The child’s finger, and try to remove the child’s finger under the lubrication effect of the soap. 'I pulled hard, and the child cried. I saw that her fingers were bleeding.'    Due to the hardness of plastic toys, the scissors at home couldn't cut them. Ms. Hou and her husband hurriedly took the children to the fire fighters for help. The fire fighters carefully observed the position where the toy ball stuck their fingers and decided to use needle-nose pliers to disassemble the toy. About 5 minutes later, the toy was completely disassembled and the baby's fingers were taken out smoothly.
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