The road of toy e-commerce, the road of online brand marketing drives the development of offline layout

by:Ennas      2021-12-02

The Internet has a huge impact on people’s lives. With the further maturity of the online payment environment, and in time in the Internet world full of variables, we still see the e-commerce road in the traditional industry erupting in 2014, beyond your and mine. Imagine. Take the toy industry as an example. Perhaps a few years ago, it was not surprising that we went to a merchandise store to buy toys, but nowadays, it is normal to choose carefully on the Internet. At present, the road to e-commerce of Chinese toys is in the ascendant. With the development of the Internet and mobile clients, the marketing of the e-commerce model has gradually become fierce. Of course, this is also true of the traditional toy industry. With the fire of e-commerce such as Taobao Mall, the 'China Toy Mall' is also developing in line with the trend , To seize the life-saving straw of the Internet, step out of the barriers of the traditional operation model, and become an industry network development platform. In fact, the emergence of China's toy e-commerce model is not surprising. Industry expert Lin Zhenfeng said that in fact, as online shopping is becoming more and more popular today, consumers have become accustomed to online shopping. At present, the development trend of e-commerce can be said to be in full swing. In addition, an important advantage of e-commerce is high viscosity, which can effectively capture new and old customers and help customers find the latest and most suitable toys without restrictions. Effectively alleviate the predicament of toys offline. According to Lin Zhenfeng, 'China Toy Mall' is a broad e-commerce portal for the toy industry. Since its opening, it has been trusted by many consumers, especially the younger generation, and has taken an absolute advantage in e-commerce. Business. More importantly, for this kind of industry, there are actually other factors such as changing seasons. Even for out-of-season toys, for some toy collectors, low-priced online shopping promotions can attract consumers well. , Effectively alleviate inventory pressure. In this way, businesses and consumers have not only established effective interactions, but also gained the trust of consumers. The return rate of toys is lower, the rate of customer return is higher, and the frequency of purchases is naturally higher. The consumer’s reputation is built, and then the online product brand is naturally successfully built. Then, the online brand marketing model will drive the development of the offline layout is just around the corner.   It is understood that many toy retail stores and chain stores have joined the 'China Toy Mall' and gradually formed the trend of e-commerce for toys. There is no doubt that toy e-commerce has been successfully opened, and the pace of e-commerce development is gradually accelerating. While 'China Toy E-commerce' continues to surprise us, it also subverts the marketing model of the entire industry, which is even more valuable. The thing is, online marketing has not let offline retailers die. The power created by the combination of the two will also be beyond our imagination.
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