The revenue of 'Nezha' derivatives is only more than 18 million yuan. Will 'Jiang Ziya' be a comeback opportunity for the light?

by:Ennas      2022-01-23
In another month, Jiang Ziya, with long black hair, a mustache, and a sword in hand, will soon appear on National Day as a handsome uncle. A few days ago, the same building blocks of 'Jiang Ziya' have been sold on e-commerce platforms at a price of 39 yuan each. Regarding the one that is currently selling very well, the person in charge of a toy store said that if 'Jiang Ziya' can create the dark horse miracle of 'NezhaAfter missing out on the derivatives business of 'Nezha: The Devil Child Comes into the WorldAt the end of last year, the building block brand had obtained the sole authorization of 'Jiang Ziya' in the field of traditional building block toys. The new IP product was originally launched on the same time as the movie on New Year's Day, but it was postponed due to the impact of the epidemic. According to forecasts, the final box office of 'Jiang Ziya' will fall between 1.5 billion and 2 billion yuan. If word-of-mouth grows, it may sprint 3 billion yuan. Then, the revenue from the derivative products of 'Jiang Ziya' ahead of schedule will definitely far exceed the 18 million yuan created by 'Ne Zha' in hindsight. This may be the loss that Light Media wants to make up most. Last summer, as 'Nezha' broke multiple box office records in succession, pirated derivatives began to proliferate. Even if the producer launches a series of rescue measures, such as rushing to register more than 1,800 trademarks related to 'Nezha' movies, and officially authorize a crowdfunding program around the movies, it is too late, and e-commerce platforms have already appeared. Kinds of piracy, including dolls, pillows, posters, T-shirts, etc. The late arrival of the producer has fixed the income of 'Nezha' derivatives at more than 18 million yuan. Not to mention the value of the derivatives created by super-popular items such as 'Transformers\'Nezha' shouldn't have strayed, because Guangguang Media has experience in the 'Big Fish and Begonia' project. In 2016, before the movie was released, the producer gave Aliyu the exclusive online authorization power, and then Aliyu took the lead and contacted major manufacturers for peripheral authorization development. The data shows that the exclusive IP cooperation of 'Big Fish and Begonia' obtained by Aliyu involves 42 derivatives and a number of cooperation platforms. Two weeks after 'Big Fish and Begonia' was released, sales of derivatives exceeded 50 million yuan. With this alone, the production of 'Big Fish and Begonia' for only 30 million yuan has recovered the cost. Animation IP itself can create a huge derivatives market and become an important source of profit for movie producers in addition to box office revenue. According to Liu Deliang, a special researcher at the New Economy and New Industry Research Center of Tsinghua University. According to the forecast of the China Commercial Industry Research Institute, the market size of my country's animation derivatives industry is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan by 2020. In this blue ocean, the absence of 'Ne Zha' is a pity. In the 2019 annual report of Guangguang Media, the company achieved revenue of 2.829 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 89.7% year-on-year; net profit was 948 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 31%. In 2019, Enlight Media participated in the investment, distribution or promotion of a total of 18 films, with a total box office of 13.867 billion yuan. Among them, 'NezhaIn 2016, Guangguang Media adjusted its business audit structure, adjusted its film business to films and derivatives, and incorporated them into derivatives. However, CBN reporters have roughly calculated based on the box office data of the movies controlled by and participated in the investment of Guangguang Media in 2019, and the proportion of derivative revenue is not high. This is a huge distance from the Disney model in the mind of Wang Changtian, chairman of Enlight Media. In 2014, when Enlight Media began the transformation of the entire industry chain layout, Wang Changtian publicly stated that the development template of Enlight Media was the Disney Company of the United States, and what was about to be completed was a layout of the entire industry chain. Since then, Wang Changtian has expressed similar long-cherished wishes on different occasions. In the future, Enlight Media will become an all-content + all-channel entertainment group, just like Disney. From a mere animation studio to today’s Hollywood hegemon, Disney is inseparable from the development of the entire industry chain. In the diversified income, derivatives are like a golden booster, not only covering toys, clothing, food and other daily necessities , Disney's brand effect also forms secondary consumption, and its derivative revenue accounts for far more than movie box office revenue, and even several times the latter. After missing 'NezhaAs one of the mythological trilogy led by Guangguang Media, 'Jiang Ziya' is often positioned as a companion to 'Ne ZhaJiang Ziya's difficult choice between his original intention and destiny is more in line with the current young people's tendency to watch movies—not believing in destiny, and breaking out of the cocoon in the process of finding himself. However, in the face of equally powerful 'Win the ChampionshipIn addition, whether the derivatives development platform can work together, and the fight against pirated goods, are issues that the producer needs to face and solve. It’s a devil or a fairy. I have the final say. I can’t help my fate. The domineering statement of 'Nezha' is still in my ears. For the producer, why not?
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