The relationship between landscape figurines and environment

by:Ennas      2020-05-27
Core tip: the role of garden sketch in landscape environment -- although the landscape in the small garden sketch art decorations, but its deep influence on the role of the feeling of strong indeed is better than other scenery. The role of the garden sketch in landscape environment -- although the landscape in the small garden sketch art decorations, but its deep influence on the role of the feeling of strong indeed is better than other scenery. One design is exquisite, modelling beautiful garden sketch, like sings in the pearl ornament, glorious takes a person, to improve the life interest of visitors and beautify the environment plays an important role, become the nods eyeball pen of are very popular among the masses of tourists. Shanghai dongfeng park it was, for example, gainly looming behind the flute female figurines, provides viewers with a pair of moving stereograph, strongly attracted the line of sight of people, naturally channeled the visitors to the park. Both sectoral scene window or view wall openings, ceiling hole, although they are both garden sketch, but on the gardening art artistic conception is very important; Can say the status of the garden sketch, as a person's body and facial features, it can make the garden the vitality of the trunk show no arch, personality and aesthetic feeling. To sum up, the role of garden sketch in landscape architecture generally includes the following three aspects: 1 set of landscape garden sketch in landscape space, besides has its use function, more important is to organize the view of the outside, in the garden space form invisible bonds, lead the people by a space into another space, space of picture composition plays a guiding and tissues; Can make a perfect scene in every different point of view, has a poetic. Garden sketch also plays a disjunctive space and the role of the contact space, make the space adds a step change and clearly marked. Such as Shanghai martyr cemetery entrance doors do make visitors to see, thus separated and organization space, make the visitors into the garden to 'from' realm of art. Harbin Stalin park the framing of the martyr park in Shanghai group 2 ornamental garden sketch as a work of art, its aesthetic value, due to its color, texture, texture, scale, the shape characteristic, combined with the layout of success, is in itself a scene in the garden environment. 'Just' hangzhou west lake is in the form of the traditional water division of stone lamp sketch 'floating' and the surface of the water, each night, on such as washing, appeared on the surface of the lake light ZhengHui beautiful scene. Using the garden sketch in the processing of space form, is an important means to improve garden art value. Beijing grand view garden in the courtyard of placing a set of artificial mountain pool character figurines, make the garden art interesting look brand-new. West lake just Beijing grand view garden landscape character figurines sketch so, using essayistic decorative can improve other ornamental value of landscape, meet people's aesthetic requirements, give a person with the enjoyment of art and aesthetics. 3 apply colours to a drawing atmosphere garden ornament besides group scene, view and admire, also put the table and stool, ground level ground, footfall, signs, lamps and lanterns with distinct functions such as art, landscape sketch. A set of rest sitting stool or a sign, if the design is novel, with appropriate, make it rich the form of certain artistic appeal, can give a person leave deep impression, make the garden environment more appealing. As shown to the water, two sets of sitting stool, left stone sits stool quiet, peaceful and natural environment form a pair of Chinese natural landscape; Engrave on the right side of the stool sits stool unique art design, does not have interest, YingShui sitting with a vision, relaxed and happy. Therefore, the combination of idea unique landscape architecture and the environment, will produce different artistic effects, make the pleasant environment and more appealing. Pinghu harvest moon scenic spots within the stone table stool on the benches.
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