The 'reciprocity' between the company's business executives and customers

by:Ennas      2022-02-14

The business relationship between the company and its customers is mainly maintained by supervisors at all levels. However, because many companies have strict gift-giving and gift-receiving systems, business executives often cannot obtain sufficient communication funds from the company. Therefore, the actual situation is often that the company's interactions with customers become private interactions between business executives.  Many business executives regard the company as their own industry, because the company's rise and fall are closely related to their vital interests, and their own status and salary are consolidated and improved through business performance. Therefore, in order to achieve business results, business executives do not account for personal gains and losses, and prefer to build close personal relationships with customers out of their own pockets.  The business field headed by the word “profit” is controlled by people’s emotions everywhere in real time, and business relationships are all permeated with humanity. Regardless of cultural customs and international practices, they are all human beings.  The masters in the business field are usually communicators who are well-versed and insightful in the world. They are unimpeded in the business arena, mainly because they have a good relationship and keep promises, often not relying on money but friends.   People who come together for mutual benefit or because of mutual benefit, and those who work together can become friends.  In this sense, businessmen need friends most, and of course they have more friends than people in other industries.  Many companies have computer software for business gifts. Many of the gift-giving software of business executives record the gift exchanges of business friends. Because there are so many such relationships, it is inevitable to make mistakes if you don't keep a gift record.  The gift-giving software of business executives should clearly list the names of customers who give gifts on holidays and special gifts, the amount of expenditure and the name of the items purchased, and it should also indicate whether the payment is made by the company or the supervisor privately.  When the situation of the business executive's related account changes, the gift-giving software should be modified at any time. For example, changes in personnel in related households, death or retirement of personnel, and reorganization of companies; divorce or remarriage among business friends should be recorded.   The general manager of a certain company was killed in a plane crash. The board of directors quickly appointed a new general manager and issued a statement. However, on major holidays, the company still receives gifts and greeting cards from several customers to the late former general manager, as well as birthday gifts and birthday cards for him.  This situation makes the new general manager very unhappy. They didn't discover the problem until the company terminated its business relationship with those customers. It turned out that the general managers and secretaries of these companies gave gifts according to the customer names recorded by the original gift-giving software, but the general manager himself did not pay attention. If the general managers immediately modify the gift-giving software when the customer announces the personnel changes, it will not cause forgetting and errors in the subsequent busy.   The birthday gift of another manager Ma Daha to a business friend was a set of commemorative stamps. He only remembered that this friend was a stamp collector, but he forgot that the birthday gift he gave him last time was exactly this set of stamps.   Repeatedly giving the same commemorative gift will give people a sense of carelessness, which will greatly reduce the sincerity of gift giving.   If the gift-giving software of the supervisor records the name of the gift purchased last time, there will be no error of giving duplicate gifts.   A more common gift-giving error is that the price of the next gift is lower than the previous one. It is conceivable that this error will cause misunderstandings to the recipient. The gift price record on the gift software helps to avoid such errors.   Business executives should have a plan and budget for gifts. Whether it is paid by the company or paid by the executive to buy gifts, it should not exceed the plan and budget.   If the person who gave you the gift is not in your original gift-giving plan, it is best not to return the gift. This kind of person usually has no business relationship with you. You can't figure out the reason why he gave you the gift. Maybe you forgot that you helped him. He gave the gift to thank you for coming. If this is the case, if you return the gift to him, it is unkind, because you make it impossible for him to realize his wish of thanking you.   Many businessmen in the world are accustomed to attaching a gift card to the gift, and clearly write the reason for the gift on the card. If it is a holiday, write a holiday message, if it is a festive day for the recipient, write a festive message; if it is for a special reason such as thanking the recipient, write a statement of gratitude. The wording of the gift card below not only clearly explained the reason for giving the gift, but also sincerely expressed his gratitude to the recipient:   This small holiday gift is a sign of my heart: I will never forget this spring. Our factory suffered heavy damage in that big storm. It was you who helped us get out of the predicament. '
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