The qin and han dynasties bronze _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tip: qin and han dynasties bronze art is a very important part of qin and han dynasties art, also is the ancient Chinese bronze art development in the last. The qin and han dynasties era produced a large number of excellent bronze bronze art is a very important part of qin and han dynasties art, also is the ancient Chinese bronze art the development course of the last appreciates that about you. The Times to create a large number of excellent bronze artifacts, many of which are regarded as classic in the history of China's small DiaoSuShi and process. Small qin and han dynasties bronze sculptures from the previous generation of a major breakthrough, large round emerge in endlessly, the independence of small sculpture language is concise and broad, atmospheric plain style, vivid. All kinds of bronze utensils, such as vessels, weapons, chariots and horses, mirrors, lamps, such as smoked furnace apparatus on the basis of the warring states period, a big step forward, has achieved fruitful results. Implements modelling to opportunely, exquisite workmanship, style or furama beauty, or simple but elegant. And some bronze works such as furnace boshan ship, thefeathermen, cash cow, bronze coffin waiting, not only technology superb, form diligence, also contains profound ideas. Han han era of ancient dynasty bronze casting industry, with the peak of the Bronze Age chow period bronze casting industry in implements the nature, type, form, technique and management have made a fundamentally different, such as in more aspects is follow the warring states period and the characteristics of the qin dynasty. 1, the basic conditions of the two han period bronze metallurgy industry iron tools, tools, weapons, ancient, and gradually replaced the same kind of bronze products, even in daily life such as kettle, mirror, etc. , have appeared in the iron. The development of lacquer ware and ceramics, also gradually replaced the bronzes, so the bronzes compared with chow bronze ware, han greatly inferior, but from the legacy of the large amount of bronze relics and ancient, recent archaeological discoveries about metallurgy ruins look, at this time is still a large number of production, and some aspects of the technology is still in bronze casting industry continues to develop, but the production of items has been completely turned to daily life with the device. And due to the continuous development of commodity economy, but also a large number of cast bronze currency. Han era, especially the eastern han dynasty, from the unearthed documents and material, southwest of sichuan, yunnan bronze metallurgy industry is very developed, handed down in some copper or copper washing ð « “ ¶ on there often inscription 'shu county west workers' As you can see some of the mirror inscription han era made of copper and bronze casting industry developed regions, such as 'copper danyang', 'copper from xuzhou, from luoyang' and so on. Described above, the ancient bronze metallurgy owner if controlled by government, but due to the large demand for copper, so the official also continuously from the good folk acquisition has smelting copper, to supplement. From some of the archaeological data, the copper mining and smelting in the same manner, often after cast for copper smelting, again to bronze casting. A large number of real data show that bronze casting industry developed areas are mainly distributed in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, Yangtze river and in yunnan, sichuan and other regions. 2, han period bronze process characteristics due to large amounts of iron tools to be used, improve the productivity, make the han era of copper mining earlier had the very big development. Bronze ritual Musical Instruments while further decline at this time, copper weapon is gradually replaced by the iron, but due to the development of the copper mining industry, the need of commodity economy, make the bronze metallurgy industry in the production of daily life to further expand the apparatus etc. In a sense, therefore, is not completely as some people say, the bronze metallurgy industry declined, and should be clear, then the bronze ritual instruments and some technologies in bronze technology, such as making printing grain has been a decline in aspects and so on, but the number of vessels used in everyday life in manufacturing is far more than before. In terms of the essence of casting bronze ware, there are many demonstrate the features of this period. We briefly discuss on the bronze craft of ancient, and some new development and changes. First of all, with the Mosaic technique of gold or silver. In the early han dynasty not only inherited the pre-qin period has been wrong with gold and silver inlaid technology tradition, and there are certain innovation, process is more exquisite. In some of the royal family and c noble grave unearthed metal details shall be called is rare treasure. Hebei province mancheng zhongshan jing ling mountain king lead vocal and his wife dou wan tomb unearthed gold boshan ship furnace, bird seal letter of gold or silver pot, panlong grain of gold or silver pot, is a typical representative of the metal details. Second, the fine gold and embedded technology. Gold on the bronze ware process as early as the mid warring states have appeared, to the han dynasty to the peak times. Gold technology in ancient times, also known as 'gold'. Gold process of concrete technology, in a nutshell is to use an alloy of gold and mercury coated on the surface of bronze ware, after baking, mercury or evaporation, gold is on the table. Through gold processing goldcord bronze implements not only external appearance beautiful, bronze and gold itself to protection, make bronze not oxidation also plays an important role. The above, we can see the early stage of the western han dynasty bronze, Mosaic, gilding, gold and silver on technology than during the warring states period to thrive. In the process, especially in the most fine gold process. Third, the development of the fine lines on the bronze ware groove. Early bronze thin lines carved decorative pattern has bud in the spring and autumn period. Jiangsu province liuhe Cheng Qiao found carved characters on a couple of residual copper, trees and animals. In the warring states period, the line carve pattern is developed, decorated on the copper and bronze artifacts such as. This kind of craft technique on the bronze ware decoration, in the two han times, especially after the late western han dynasty in the south and southwest region is more developed.
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