The production steps of foam sculpture and the way of hardening treatment

by:Ennas      2022-02-20
There are many kinds of sculpture materials we see in life. Among them, we have to say that foam sculptures. The materials used in foam sculptures are plastic, cheap, and light. These are the advantages of foam sculptures. So how did such a sculpture come out? The following Beijing sculpture manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction. First, the steps of foam sculpture production 1. First, the sculpture drawings will be made according to the needs of the customers, and the clay sculptures will be made according to the drawings. In the manuscript, we will not explain these simple basic operations one by one. What we want to talk about is some details and processes that need to be paid attention to when the foam sculpture is formed. After the sculpture model is completed, the surface residues must be cleaned up and sprayed after cleaning. Washing powder, the sculpture manufacturer tells you that the role of spraying washing powder is to play a role of release agent and isolation. 2. Casting plaster is the key to this process. Gradually add dry for the second and third passes, and then mix the brown silk on the surface of the model, and the plaster is completed. 3. Waxing, in order to play a good role in the plastic mold, we need to clean the plaster The module is placed in a ventilated place, and the floor wax is applied to a place that looks relatively clean. It should be noted that other waxes can also be selected for polishing. 4. Clamping, this step is basically close to the end of foam sculpture molding, separate Put the models together, patch them with foam at the joints, and then apply all the foam and dry them. 5. After the foam sculpture is completed, the problem of surface color effect treatment must be considered. We will follow the customer's Need to carry out the effect of different materials, for example, a customer wants to cast a bronze sculpture effect, and does not want to spend too much price to get a sculpture product with such an effect, then choose a foam sculpture with a long life and a cheap price, and the sculpture manufacturer is making it. When foam sculptures, it will be treated with a copper-like surface effect. Second, the foam sculpture is hardened pu skin treatment 1. The PU skin is not glued on the skin. It is the PU liquid raw material directly sprayed onto the treated foam Sculptures can be cured in a few seconds. Different thicknesses can be achieved by controlling the number of spraying passes, generally between 1-3 mm. However, special equipment must be used. 2. PU skin is only a basic structural layer material It only provides protection, and there is a special effect layer matching coating in the follow-up. Ordinary pigments have poor adhesion on the PU skin and are easy to peel or fall off. 3. As far as the PU skin is concerned, there are also different soft and hard The material is suitable for different purposes. 4. PU skin can be sprayed directly on the foam sculpture, but this is only a more common usage. In fact, before construction, there are different basic treatment methods and materials according to different hand feeling effects. , So that the PU skin will show different and unique effects after construction. The above is the introduction of the production steps of the foam sculpture and the way of hardening treatment, I hope it can help you.
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