The production steps of cast bronze sculptures and how to deal with them after rusting

by:Ennas      2022-02-20
Cast bronze sculptures can be seen everywhere in our lives, and everyone is very interested in its production. For bronze sculptures, it is inevitable that they will rust when they are exposed to wind and rain every day, which is very influential. The beauty of the sculpture, so we need to master some methods to deal with the rust of the sculpture. Below, the Beijing Sculpture Company will introduce to you the production steps of the cast bronze sculpture and how to deal with it after rust. One, the production steps of the cast bronze statue 1, To make clay drafts, the company will make the molds required for the production of bronze statues according to the drawings set by the customer, and the production of the molds generally uses sculpted clay for 1:1 clay molding production, and the customer confirms that the shape of the clay sculpture is in line with the production of bronze statues. The requirements of the drawings are the next step. 2. After the clay model is completed, the mold must be reproduced. First, the glue film is made. After the glue film is made, plaster is applied on the glue film to make the plaster mold. 3 Brush the paraffin wax on the plaster. The paraffin wax on the plaster is to control the thickness of the cast copper. (For example, the thickness of the paraffin wax is 25px, the thickness of the cast copper is 25px). The lost wax casting method is used to make the bronze figure of the figure. 5. After the bronze figure is cast, the embryo is removed for welding and polishing. After completion, the surface is processed, colored, and chemically corroded. In this way, the production of the figure bronze is complete. 2. How to deal with the cast copper sculpture after rusting 1. You can take a small grain of oxalic acid and place it on the rust stain, drip a few drops of warm water, gently rub it, and then wash it with clean water. Pay attention to the operation to avoid corrosion. 2. If there is fresh lemon, you can squeeze the juice and rub it on the rust stain, repeat several times until the rust stain is removed, and then wash it with soapy water. 3. Wipe the rust stain with 10% acetic acid, or Soak the stained part in acetic acid solution, and rinse it with clean water the next day. 4. Moisten the rust stain with 10% lemon solution or 10% oxalic acid solution, and then soak it in strong salt water, the next day Wash and rinse. 5. Soak the rice water for a few days and wash it for a few hours! After removing the rust, remember to apply a thin layer of oil or petroleum jelly on the surface. This will keep it after rust removal. 6. Vinegar can also be used. Dip the vinegar with a soft cloth and wipe it lightly without damaging the bronze sculpture. The above is about the production steps of the cast bronze sculpture and how to deal with it after rust. Introduction, I hope it can help you.
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