The production process of stainless steel sculpture and the role of its base

by:Ennas      2022-02-19
Stainless steel sculpture is one of the most used methods in modern sculpture works, but for stainless steel sculpture, people may still have a little understanding of it. Let me introduce the production process of stainless steel sculpture and the role of its base. 1. The production process of stainless steel sculpture 1. The first is the design plan of stainless steel sculpture: when designing stainless steel sculpture design, it is necessary to consider the environment and space size of the location, so as to determine the content, form, size, color, etc. of the sculpture, and design A complete set of stainless steel sculpture plan. 2. After the stainless steel sculpture design plan is determined, it is the production of clay sculpture small drafts. Complicated or large stainless steel sculptures need to be produced according to the plan. After the small draft is completed, the small draft will be enlarged. Stainless steel sculpture production requires the design of the main frame. The main frame design is made by an experienced stainless steel sculpture technician. He knows the load, size, frame structure, etc. of the stainless steel sculpture. 3. Start stainless steel sculpture production, according to the abrasive tool The complete stainless steel sculpture is forged in pieces and the internal main frame support of the sculpture is welded. Then the sculpture is polished many times, and then the surface treatment of the sculpture is carried out. 4. The surface color of the stainless steel sculpture is treated, and the color of the stainless steel sculpture itself is silvery white. It has luster and can be painted in different colors according to customer needs. 5. The installation of stainless steel sculptures is generally welded. This method is relatively strong, that is, the skeleton of the sculpture itself is welded to the embedded iron on the base, and the embedded iron is welded underneath. For steel bars, determine the length of the steel bars and the size of the embedded iron according to the size of the sculpture. For the beauty of the sculpture, under normal circumstances, after installing the sculpture, the base will be pasted with marble or granite slabs, which will look more complete and beautiful. Second, stainless steel The role of the sculpture base 1. As the name suggests, the base should be at the bottom of the sculpture, just like the foundation before the construction of the building. The foundation supports the entire house, because the base supports the entire body of the sculpture. The base unifies the whole body and ensures the stability of the sculpture Sex. 2. In terms of body mass, we need to control the basic body mass so that we cannot steal the main body. The size of the base of a typical figure is very small. 3. In the process of sculpting and pedestal modeling, the base acts as In addition to the main body of the sculpture, it plays a certain role in the modeling process. A sculpture should highlight the colorful form of the sculpture. In addition to the background of the environment, one key is the foundation. The shape of the bedrock must change with the form of the main body of the sculpture. When the sculptural shape becomes simple, there will be no more complicated than the main body, so the base of the base generally chooses a simple cube or cuboid. 4. In terms of the degree of depiction, the main body should be enriched with its content and the foundation of the object. , We will fully cooperate with the character shaping of the main body, with the main body of the sculpture as the main body, only the fineness of the main body can show better performance, we must shape the main body image. The above content is what Beijing sculpture manufacturer brings you about stainless steel The introduction of the sculpture production process and the role of its base, I hope to help you. Beijing Sculpture Company is a comprehensive sculpture design, production and installation of sculptures. Plastic manufacturer. Committed to the design and production of fiberglass sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, cast sculpture, forged sculpture, relief sculpture, rockery plastic stone, figure sculpture, spiritual fortress and other diversified urban sculptures, garden sculptures, landscape sculptures and other products. The manufacturer and the installation and production of stainless steel sculptures will wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality all-round sculpture production design and quotation services for the price of glass steel sculpture and the price of stainless steel sculpture.
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