The production process of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture and the production process of its mold

by:Ennas      2022-02-19
FRP sculptures often appear in shopping malls and around the square. For FRP sculptures, people may still have a little understanding of it. Let me introduce the production process of FRP sculptures and the production process of molds. 1. FRP sculptures Production process 1. First of all, you must design a cartoon sculpture. Pay attention to the size when designing the sculpture. You must grasp a degree in everything. It cannot be too left or too right. The result of going to extremes is counterproductive. The same is true for sculpture production. The teacher will have a ruler in his heart to express the joy or sorrow, anger or happiness of the character sculpture to the fullest, so that each sculpture can be perfectly displayed to the world. 2. Mold making is the key to molding. Mold making is often made of plaster, but the strength of plaster Low, long time and easy to deform. Silicone rubber and FRP materials can be used to make the mold. The hand lay-up method is used to make the design idea before the production. Start from one end to combine a part of the paste product. Then the FRP is formed on the material and trimmed by grinding. 3. In the process of making sculptures, for round sculptures, due to the needs of operation and production, sometimes the molds are divided into many pieces to be made separately. After the production is completed, it needs to be spliced u200bu200band restored into a whole, and then restored to the entire glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture. At the time, the later, especially the later stitching, there is no way to start. At the later time, a closed space has been formed, and sometimes the joints are not visible at all. 4. In the later maintenance, we usually clean any The items are all made with clean water, but due to the particularity of the resin material, it cannot be wiped with a wet rag, because the moisture that penetrates into the resin will destroy the resin. Therefore, it is recommended to use a dry cotton cloth or a feather duster to sculpt the glass fiber reinforced plastic cartoon Wipe away the dust. Cut dust, particles, and oil stains should be removed and kept clean and translucent at all times. Second, the production process of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture mold 1. Spray mold gel coat: Since the production mold has begun to be produced, use mold glue with better performance In order to ensure the final effect of the mold. The injection is required to reach a certain thickness. 2. Mold layering: After the mold gel coat is initially solidified, the layering can be started. The layering process cannot be too fast, generally one day 2- 3 layers of glass fiber cloth or glass fiber felt. Laying requires a certain amount of mold resin. The performance of this resin is better than that of ordinary resin. During the laminating process, the workers need to mix glue, that is, add an accelerator to the resin and cure Then use a gluing tool to apply glue, spread a layer of glass fiber fabric and apply a layer of glue. At the same time, use an iron roller to flatten the fabric to remove air bubbles and make the glue uniform. After reaching the specified thickness, the layering ends. Normally The thickness of the mold should reach 3-5 times the thickness of the product. Therefore, the laying time is generally longer, which can last for 6-7 days. 3. Mold curing and reinforcement: The mold can be cured naturally or heated to cure, but generally There is a natural curing period. After the natural curing period, the mold must be reinforced so that the mold will not be damaged during the production process. 4. Surface treatment of the production mold: After the production mold is cured for the required time, it can be removed from the main mold The mold can be drawn manually by workers, or can be drawn with high-pressure air. The production mold after the mold also needs to be surfaced Management, including sanding paper, polishing, drawing process lines, and punching demoulding products. After the demolding products are laid, they can be used to produce products. The above content is the production process and production process of FRP sculptures brought to you by Beijing sculpture manufacturers. The introduction of the mold making process, I hope it can help you. Beijing Sculpture Company is a comprehensive sculpture manufacturer engaged in sculpture design, production and installation. It is committed to fiberglass sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, cast sculpture, forged sculpture, relief sculpture. 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