The production process of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture and its cleaning method

by:Ennas      2022-02-19
FRP figure sculptures are a common type of sculpture. Most figure sculptures will be made of FRP. This is because of the characteristics of FRP materials. Here is a brief introduction to the production process and cleaning methods of FRP figure sculptures. Production process 1. The design and design of plastic molded glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures should take into account the characteristics of their materials and processes. The glass fiber reinforced plastic process is easy to form beautiful streamlined products, which can highlight the modern and period sense of the work. In the design, the arc shape and the Streamlined. In addition, because FRP has the advantages of light weight and high strength, it can produce works with strong dynamics and small supporting area. Sometimes FRP sculptures need to be coated with the surface of the gel coat, because the gel coat has self-leveling properties, and at the same time it has the effect of tension on the surface during curing. The lower gel coat layer has a certain leveling effect. Under this condition, it is not suitable for expressing detailed textures. These should be considered in the design. 2. FRP sculptures are made by hand lay-up. The shape of the sculpture will be used before manufacturing. Starting from the angle of facilitating molding and demolding, the mold can be combined into several units to reproduce. According to this, the unit products are formed, and then they are combined into a whole. Then the product is processed and painted as a whole, a glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture work The manufacturing is completed. 3. Mold manufacturing: Apply the formulated silicone rubber to the original mold several times. The silicone rubber layer should be more than 1mm after the silicone rubber is cross-linked. After the silicone rubber is cross-linked, the thickness of the silicone rubber is about 3mm. After the glass fiber reinforced plastic is cured, cut the overall mold along the divided unit blocks. When cutting, pay attention to cutting the glass fiber reinforced plastic layer and the silicone rubber layer at the same time. The connection ribs are made between the unit blocks, and the connection ribs should be set in position Slot to ensure that the unit block mold is assembled into a whole through the connecting ribs. After the above work is completed, the FRP unit block is demolded, and then the silicone rubber layer is removed, and the removed silicone rubber block is immediately placed back into the FRP unit mold. 4. Molding and manufacturing FRP sculptures adopts hand lay-up molding method, and the molding circuit should be designed before manufacturing. Start from one end of the sculpture, combine a part of the mold and paste the product. After the previous part is solidified, combine the mold and continue to paste the product. It is easy to form Under the premise of operation, combine as many mold unit blocks as possible at a time. Repeat this, and then leave a unit block, which is pre-formed and glued to the overall sculpture. The glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is similar to the angles, legs, and legs of animals. The tail and other parts that are difficult to be manufactured by the above methods can be made into a rough shape with the corresponding metal materials, and then the FRP can be formed on the metal materials, and then polished. 5. After the colored FRP sculptures are formed, they must be colored. , Including the background color, the color painting, the outer protective coating, etc., if you need to cast the bronze sculpture, only the background color and the outer smooth paint layer. 2. Clean the glass fiber reinforced plastic figure sculpture 1. The environment should be clean and the construction site should be clean Daily cleaning. Dispose of waste resin and objects in time; flying dust and production debris sticking to the wet resin will affect the quality of the product. 2. Clean the mold surface before using it, and rinse it repeatedly with detergent and water (avoid Use a cleaning agent such as acetone that dissolves the resin), To make the glass fiber reinforced plastic achieve the mirror effect, all dust, particles, and oil stains on the mold surface should be removed. 3. Tool cleaning The production tools should be cleaned by a dedicated person, which is convenient for operation and avoids cause. Falling particles, dirt, etc. will affect the quality of FRP during production. The above content is an introduction to the production process and cleaning methods of FRP figure sculptures brought to you by Beijing sculpture manufacturers. I hope it can help you. Beijing Sculpture The company is a comprehensive sculpture manufacturer engaged in sculpture design, production and installation. 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