The production process and installation steps of the cast bronze sculpture

by:Ennas      2022-02-20
Nowadays, cast bronze sculptures are not only appreciated as works of art. In most cities or landmark buildings, we can see the figure of cast bronze sculptures. It has gradually become a symbol of these places. Logo. Below, the Beijing sculpture manufacturer will introduce the production process and installation steps of the cast bronze sculpture to you. One, the production process of the cast bronze sculpture 1, select/confirm the drawing. Whether the sculpture is made of cast bronze sculpture/glass reinforced plastic sculpture/stainless steel Sculptures require the first selection of drawings. 2. Making clay sculptures. It is to make equal-scale clay sculptures for easy reference and modification. 3. Remake the model of the clay sculpture. 4. Make the mold. After the sculpture mold is rebuilt, the mold is processed Splicing. 5. Make a wax mold. After splicing the made molds, pour paraffin wax and other paraffin wax to solidify and form a wax film. 6. Shell making. Wrap the quartz sand on the made wax film, and then use high temperature to The wax film is removed. In this way, the shell is made. 7. Pouring and casting. After the shell is made, the copper water melted at a high temperature is put into the shell, and the copper water is cooled and formed. 8. Cutting and welding. Making a molded cast Most of the copper works need to be spliced u200bu200bin multiple pieces, and the joints need to be cut and welded during splicing. 9. The sculptures that will be cast later are polished, polished, colored, and treated with anti-corrosion treatment. Second, the installation steps of cast bronze sculptures 1, Installation requirements The cast bronze sculpture is installed firmly, the lines of each part are smooth and natural, the joints are welded firmly, and the overall effect meets the design requirements. 2. Control measures There are technical personnel in charge of the installation and construction of the cast bronze sculpture, masters of arts and crafts, and technicians. Strictly assemble the sculpture layer by layer according to the requirements of the construction drawings, and adjust the butt joint gap of the sculpture during the assembly process to ensure the butt joint effect of the cast copper sculpture installation (according to the needs of the project, the internal keel can be reinforced twice to ensure the firmness of the sculpture installation) After the installation is completed, the sculpture will be artistically adjusted and artistically processed under the guidance of the master of arts and crafts to ensure that the quality of the sculpture meets the design requirements. 3. Read the protection measures in detail, master the design, and the underground pipeline drawings and materials provided by the construction unit. Before the implementation of the example, hold a construction cooperation meeting for each pipeline unit to collect pipeline information. Excavate the necessary sample holes for the underground pipelines that affect the construction and the construction affected. (Notify the pipeline unit guardian to be present when the sample hole is excavated), check and clarify the underground Make a record of the exact situation of the pipeline. Before the implementation of the project, submit a guardianship application to the relevant unit and complete the procedures for the supervision of the underground pipeline. The detailed situation of the underground pipeline at the construction site and the formulation of pipeline protection measures are responsible to the project manager and the site technology Personnel, constructors, team leaders, and operating work safety confession, then fill in the pipeline submission, and establish a responsibility system for protecting underground pipelines to clarify the responsibilities of personnel at all levels. During the installation and construction of cast bronze sculptures, the requirements for the foundation of the base must be strictly in accordance with the approved Construction organization design and underground pipeline protection technical measures require construction, pipeline protection persons at all levels go to the construction site to monitor underground pipelines, supervise operation (command) personnel to abide by operating procedures, and strictly prohibit illegal operation, illegal command and illegal construction. The above is about Introduction to the author process of the cast bronze sculpture and its installation steps, hope Hope can help you.
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