The production process and daily maintenance of bronze sculptures

by:Ennas      2022-02-19
Cast bronze sculpture crafts not only beautify the urban architecture, but also bring us a certain degree of indecent appreciation.As a traditional craft, the main expression of cast bronze sculpture is always hand-made as the core technology. Below, the Beijing cast bronze sculpture manufacturer will introduce to you the production process and daily maintenance of the bronze sculpture. 1. The production process of the bronze sculpture 1. The clay sculpture then uses the clay draft to make a rough model of the designed pattern. It is convenient for us to finalize the shape. If there is any bad place, we can modify the clay sculpture, and then enlarge the clay sculpture proportionally to make one-to-one clay sculptures. 2. Mold reversal After the clay sculpture is completed, we need to turn the mold. There are generally two kinds of molds: one is plaster rebuilding, the other is silica gel rebuilding, we use plaster to rebuild under less complicated circumstances, and vice versa. Pour it into the already made plaster mold or silicone mold, and wait for the paraffin to cool down, and then it will become a wax model. 4. Shell making and mold remaking are the same as two kinds: one is precision casting, the other is resin sand box For production, we should use stainless steel sculpture precision casting for small or complex pieces, and sand box production is generally suitable for simple smooth surfaces without much craftsmanship. 5. Casting and polishing are used to pour copper into copper water in a high temperature environment. The inside of a good shell or sand box, and then the riser cleaning and polishing. 6. Splicing and forming The polished copper sculptures are put together to form a complete whole. When this step is completed, we can basically see the casting The bronze sculpture looks roughly. 7. Clean up the welding joints and color on the surface: Treat the welded parts of the copper sculpture we have spliced u200bu200bto be exactly the same as our clay draft, and then paint the surface. 8. Oiling After cleaning the weld and the surface with sealing wax, the next step is to oil it, sealing wax, oiling, and sealing wax to keep the sculpture for a long time. 9. After installing the above 9 steps, later Only the installation is left. During the installation, professionals are generally required to guide the installation according to the on-site construction environment. 2. Daily maintenance of the bronze sculpture 1. Environmental maintenance The more important factor of the bronze sculpture is the environment. The fiberglass sculpture is located in The environment is dry and free of dust and air pollutants. The temperature of the greenhouse where it is located is controlled at 18 ℃-24 ℃, and the humidity is between 40%-50%. 2. Defense. We must learn to defend when we nurse the bronze sculpture. Some external harmful chemical materials, such as: acids, chlorides, etc., but also when moving the cast bronze sculpture, the porter must wear cotton with his hands instead of gloves to move, so that the big family will not directly touch the sculpture with their hands. The reason is to prevent the sweat on your hands from corroding it. 3. Cleaning When cleaning the cast bronze sculptures, you must not be careful to make the sculptures strictly. Be sure to wipe off the dust with a clean and soft cloth. In the place where the ditch is not easy to wipe with a cloth, use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to blow away the dust. 4. Polishing For cast bronze sculptures that have been placed for a long time and appear dull, it is not vigorous to use cloth when rubbing them Wipe, use a cotton-weight muslin cloth to gently wipe the test to reach the polished The effect can also make the shelter wax layer on the surface of the cast bronze sculpture bloom again. It would be even better if you add some special polishing materials, but the materials need to be purchased before they can be returned to their unique characteristics. Coloring. The above content is an introduction to the production process and daily maintenance of bronze sculptures brought to you by the Beijing sculpture manufacturer. I hope it can help you.
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