The production process and advantages of glass steel sculpture

by:Ennas      2022-02-21
FRP sculptures are a common type of sculpture in our lives. Compared with stainless steel sculptures, the shape and size of FRP sculptures are more popular with children. All kinds of cartoon shapes and bright colors are its advantages. The following Beijing sculpture manufacturers will introduce to you the production process and advantages of FRP sculptures. First, the production process of FRP sculptures 1. Cutting materials. The general tool used is electric scissors, which can cut thin plates below 2mm, but cut out The degree of back flatness is not good. There is also a cutting machine, which can cut both thick and thin plates, but can only cut straight lines, and there is nothing you can do when you encounter arcs. If you want to cut stainless steel sheets that are flat and have various shapes, It is necessary to use a plasma cutting machine. The plasma cutting machine can use high plasma to cut metals that are difficult to cut by ordinary oxygen cutting. Because the current and gas are passed into the special nozzle cooled by water, a strong compression arc is formed and the temperature is extremely high. (Above 10,000 degrees) plasma flow, so the cut stainless steel sheet is neat and not deformed. Note that the hand must be steady when cutting the material, otherwise the material will be cut. After the material is cut, it must be based on the work The required shape is planed. Do not leave the surface of the board with hard injuries, so as not to leave defects after the work is polished. 2. It is a method of making carbon steel plate sculptures and stainless steel plate sculptures. Carbon steel plates and stainless steel plates do not get molds Shangshi knocks on the ground, but according to the different shapes of each part of the plaster model, the material is discharged, according to its fluctuations, and consciously knocked. Beat on the solid object, and then take the knocked stainless steel plate to the mold for comparison.It is believed that the shape is correct and can be completely closed with the model, and then these scattered carbon steel plates and stainless steel plates are welded piece by piece from top to bottom. , Every time a piece is connected, the mold must be adjusted, and the texture effect of the surface of each stainless steel plate must be kept the same. This must be forged while the shape is being made. You can also forge the point first and then cut the material. Forging point When you use the round head of a hammer to forge evenly and regularly in rows, the width and the distance, and the force must be the same. Don't knock it randomly, otherwise it will destroy the overall sense of the sculpture. 3. After the shape is forged correctly, it is necessary to Weld them together according to the requirements of the work (there are electric welding and argon arc welding). Electric welding must prepare an electric welding machine, welding torch, and welding rod. Since a high degree of light is generated during welding, it is a strong irritation to the eyes, so wear a protective cover to avoid Damaged by strong light. With electric welding, the stainless steel plate has a greater degree of thermal deformation, so some measures must be taken, such as spot welding or cooling while welding. Argon arc welding is better than electric welding. It is a gas shielded arc welding method that uses argon to protect the metal melted by the arc at the connection to avoid the harmful effects of oxygen and nitrogen in the air. According to the electrode materials used, argon arc welding can be divided into argon arc with melting electrode Welding and non-melting pole arc welding or argon tungsten arc welding. In stainless steel sculpture welding, tungsten arc welding is commonly used to obtain excellent welding quality. Because it is not easy to conduct heat, stainless steel deforms more. 4. Carbon steel plate, stainless steel Polishing first use a grinding wheel to make the welds and excess of the work The place is ground flat, and then polished with a soft wheel (cloth wheel). During polishing, the work is coated with polishing paste to increase lubrication, so that the work is thrown brighter, thus giving people a good visual beauty. 5. Larger shape A simple stainless steel sculpture does not need to be welded. The steel skeleton can be made directly according to the shape of the work, drill holes in the designed position with an electric drill, and fix the stainless steel plate with rivets on the skeleton. This method requires the skeleton The proportional size is calculated very accurately, and the joints must be accurate, otherwise there will be differences and the expected effect will not be achieved. Second, the advantages of FRP sculpture 1. Lightweight and high-strength relative density is between 1.5 and 2.0, only carbon 1/4~1/5 of steel, but the tensile strength is close to or even higher than that of carbon steel, and the specific strength can be compared with high-grade alloy steel. Therefore, in aviation, rockets, space vehicles, high-pressure vessels and other needs It has excellent results in the application of self-weight products. The tensile, flexural and compressive strengths of some epoxy FRP can reach more than 400Mpa. The density, strength and specific strength of some materials are shown in Table 1-1.2. Good corrosion resistance. FRP is a good corrosion-resistant material. It has good resistance to the atmosphere, water and general concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, and a variety of oils and solvents. It has been applied to all aspects of chemical corrosion protection and is replacing carbon steel, Stainless steel, wood, non-ferrous metals, etc. 3. Good electrical properties are excellent insulating materials used to make insulators. It can still protect good dielectric properties at high frequencies. Microwave permeability is good, and it has been widely used in radomes. 4 , Good thermal performance FRP has low thermal conductivity, 1.25~1.67kJ/(m·h·K) at room temperature, only 1/100~1/1000 of metal, and it is an excellent thermal insulation material. In the case of instantaneous ultra-high temperature, It is an ideal thermal protection and ablation resistant material, which can protect the spacecraft from the erosion of high-speed airflow above 2000 ℃. 5. Good designability ①A variety of structural products can be flexibly designed according to needs to meet the requirements of use. It can make the product have a good integrity. ②The materials can be fully selected to meet the performance of the product, such as: corrosion resistance, instantaneous high temperature resistance, special high strength in a certain direction of the product, and good dielectric properties can be designed. , Etc. 6. Excellent manufacturability ①The molding process can be flexibly selected according to the shape, technical requirements, use and quantity of the product. ②The process is simple, can be molded at one time, and the economic effect is outstanding, especially for the number of complex shapes and difficult to form Fewer products will highlight its superiority in craftsmanship. The above is an introduction to the production process and advantages of FRP sculptures. I hope it can help you.
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