The price of cast bronze sculpture and its production process

by:Ennas      2022-02-20
Cast bronze sculptures are not unfamiliar to us. Shopping malls, squares, and parks are everywhere in our lives. The significance of cast bronze sculptures is very big, not only to commemorate historical figures, but also to copper thousands of years ago. Casting art. Below, Beijing Sculpture Company will introduce the price of cast bronze sculpture and its production process. First, the price standard of cast bronze sculpture 1. The area of u200bu200bcast bronze sculpture The area of u200bu200bcast bronze sculpture is the basic basis for casting cost accounting. The larger the area, the higher the corresponding price. 2. The thickness of the cast copper sculpture is cast by copper water to form a mold. Generally, one square per millimeter of thickness requires 21 kg of copper water, and the general thickness is 3-6mm. Different shapes and areas have different requirements for thickness. 3. The complexity of cast bronze sculptures requires more complex modeling and technical requirements, the more difficult the casting, the higher the technical requirements, and the more man-hours used. It will also increase, and the corresponding costs will also increase. Second, the production process of cast bronze sculptures 1. Making small clay sculptures (the predecessor of each product requires a clay sculpture prototype, and the clay sculptures are repeated by the sculptor on the basis of the original design draft. Re-creation after speculation and scrutiny, the quality of the clay sculpture, the expression of charm, and the expression of intention will directly affect the quality of future products, so the clay sculpture is inseparable from the sculptor).2. Sculpture modeling. After the mud is applied, use a mallet to fill the gaps in the mud. After all the mud is applied, the large shape is constantly adjusted. The shape constantly needs to be reworked to rest the skeleton until it is satisfied. The above is completed by a professional sculptor. From this stage onwards, the sculpture is often sprayed with water to keep it from cracking, and it is necessary to cover the plastic film to moisturize until the sculpture mold is completed. It is pressurized and injected into a silicone mold to create a wax embryo. This wax embryo is a replica of the actual shape of the produced product). 4. The large-scale sculpture is completed, and Party A is notified to review and comment or modify the large shape. Continue to refine and adjust and shape the details to achieve perfection. After all the modeling is completed, the clay sculpture will be pushed out as a whole, and the scraper will be used to push the light. The clay sculpture prototype needs to be trimmed with the prototype embryo body in the third process. This is a very important part Therefore, the link will directly affect the later shape and surface effect of the product. 5. Enter the reworking stage, use slices on the clay sculpture for block mold division design, and then spray soapy water as isolation protection. Professional reworking technicians match plaster The grout is covered on the sculpture. The different water ratios of the outer and inner layers of the specific gypsum grout are controlled and completed by professionals. After the plaster is hardened and dried, the demolding begins, and the gripper and gripper should be fixed on the block before demolding Use gypsum numb makeup to make. 6. After demolding, remove the residual mud on the block mold, after the completion of the plaster mold, the plaster mold is carefully repaired and polished. Then it is polished with a metal copper mesh. 7. Casting (the previous process The hollow ceramic shell is put into a sintering furnace and sintered at 1000°C-1150°C according to different alloy materials. The copper liquid is immediately cast into the ceramic shell. After cooling, the outer ceramic shell is shaken, and the copper product crude embryo body is peeled off. ). 8. Product castings Finishing and treatment (sandblasting and cleaning of cast copper products, and post-treatment such as grinding, heat treatment, shaping, machining, polishing, etc.). 9. Surface effect treatment and protection (the effect required for surface treatment of cast copper , Usually there are cold color and hot color, the specific color distinction and characteristics, we will introduce to you friends one by one in future articles), and later do waxing protection and polishing. 10. Oiling, Sealing wax and oiling and sealing wax can keep our cast bronze sculptures for a long time. 11. Art Supervision Art supervision determines whether our cast bronze sculptures are recognized by the audience. Generally, it is necessary to have professional training or artistic talent to supervise. The above is an introduction to the price of cast bronze sculpture and its production process, I hope it can help you.
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