The price advantage is no longer the gift promotion how to play tricks

by:Ennas      2022-02-12

The eleventh holiday is approaching, and the gift market is beginning to be turbulent. A new round of promotions is about to kick off. At the moment when promotions become normal, gift companies need to highlight their own characteristics if they want to win in this industry promotion battle, because price wars are no longer the focus of consumers' attention. The advantage of 'promotional price war' is no longer as the market competition is fierce and the quality of consumers continues to improve. The gift industry is experiencing the gradual development of quality, brand, and service. It is possible to further expand market share by selling products through traditional sales channels. Not big, companies can only constantly innovate and seek change, implement changes in marketing methods to adapt to the market, and competition has also escalated from ordinary price wars to service wars. But as far as the present gift market is concerned, price wars are still very common.   Although most gift companies will not miss the annual golden promotion opportunities, the marketing focus of gift companies has never been here. After all, it is not feasible to occupy the gift market only by price wars a few times a year. Consumers ultimately value the quality, service, design, and even the added value of the brand behind the product. Product promotion methods that rely solely on price wars will be gradually eliminated by the market. Business promotion needs to change ideas. '   With the continuous development of the times, consumer demand for products has risen from a single quality level to service, quality and other requirements. At the same time, in the current fierce market, if there is a company Providing consumers with personalized high-quality gifts can gain a larger market.  At present, in the gift market, the price advantage is no longer, and the personalized advantage is becoming more and more prominent. The development of gift companies needs to change the line of defense at the right time. Win in the fiercely competitive market.
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