The President of Ukraine learns from the 'broccoli doll' the way to govern the country

by:Ennas      2021-12-16

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to the BuzzFeed news network on December 8th, Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko has recently fallen in love with a very realistic rag doll 'broccoli doll' on the American toy market, and claims to often The 'broccoli doll' learns to govern the country. 'Before working, I would look at the broccoli doll, thinking that today I must do something to defend my country,' said Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko proudly. 'This method of work has become my habit. .' He asked his broccoli doll about the military issues currently facing Ukraine. According to reports, this broccoli doll loved by Peter Poroshenko was presented by soldiers during the battle for Donetsk Airport. Although the ceasefire agreement at Donetsk Airport was signed in September, soldiers die in Ukraine almost every day.  Poroshenko said that the Ukrainian volunteer fighters are 'broccoli dolls'. They are extremely tough and a symbol of the Ukrainian spirit.
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