The pre-registration system for professional business visitors of the 2018 Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo is now open

by:Ennas      2021-11-26

The 2018 Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo, which will be held at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center for International Sourcing from December 7 to 9, 2018, the professional business visitor registration system is now open. In order to save time for on-site registration procedures, professional business visitors can now log in to the 2018 Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo to complete your online pre-registration, or call the organizer's registration hotline 021 5179 6263. The first 500 professional business visitors who have completed the pre-registration can receive a visit package worth 300 yuan at the exhibition site on the day of the exhibition, which includes: · The first STEM science and education products expo limited edition visit badge · One exquisite gift will have a chance to be exhibited The first product presented by the enterprise! Professional business visitor application conditions and procedures · The pre-registration system is only open to professional business visitors; · The organizer will send a special person to visit after receiving the pre-registration information of professional business visitors to confirm relevant information and understand the needs of the exhibition; · Expo During the period, professional business visitors need to present the confirmation letter issued by the organizer in advance and two business cards that match the registration information in exchange for a visitor badge to enter the venue. The public ticket purchase channel for the fair will be opened on August 8. For ticket purchase methods, please follow the official WeChat public platform stemfunland to get it! STEM education has attracted global attention. This expo is committed to promoting the flow and integration of upstream and downstream resources of STEM education. Through the analysis of STEM education concepts, it builds a platform for STEM education exchanges at home and abroad, and showcases the most cutting-edge STEM education products and services for exhibitors. Expand business cooperation and brand display opportunities. Professional business audiences will be obtained on site. Partners benefit from the exposition's industry and market segmentation. You will get more accurate and effective professional business audience resources. We are sure that these professional business audiences from all over the world will be with you With the same philosophy and pursuit, there is also an urgent need for STEM products. During the expo, you can not only popularize the concept of STEM education with all walks of life, but also find new opportunities for cooperation while consolidating the relationship with previous partners. Bring greater benefits to the company. · Business Opportunities STEM education, as an emerging industry, has broad market prospects and huge market potential. The business opportunities and value contained in this expo will surely attract the attention and visits of various distributors, schools, educational institutions, investors, students and parents. The organizer will collect the procurement needs of professional business visitors and provide on-site business matching services to assist Professional business visitors and exhibitors reached an efficient business interaction at the exhibition site. · Diversified products to achieve diversification of STEM education products and services is the main theme of this expo. During the expo, you can experience the latest technology and rich and diverse products brought by exhibitors from all over the world, including: programming toys , Interactive and educational robots, board games, construction toys, science and education toys, VR/AR/MR, wearable devices, nanomicroscopes, competition remote control models, STEM laboratory equipment, STEM teaching aids, STEM books, STEM software, innovation Customer products, STEM education services, etc., feel the real fun of STEM education up close, and complete the procurement tasks while understanding the latest trends and market trends in the STEM education industry more intuitively. STEM teaching aids, STEM books, STEM software, maker products, STEM education services, etc. STEM education emphasizes the cultivation of inquiry skills, practical skills, communication skills, and critical thinking skills, and emphasizes practice and process. 'In 'Learning' to develop systematic study habits, improve the scientific literacy, innovative consciousness and ability of young people and children, and cultivate comprehensive quality talents who are facing the future and adapting to the development of the new era. As the organizer of this expo, we hope to popularize the concept of STEM education through market-oriented promotion and commercial activities, so that more people will pay attention to STEM education and our next generation. At the same time, we also hope that through STEM education With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous progress of society, our children can constantly surpass themselves and have the ability to be used throughout their lives! 2018 Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo looks forward to your participation!
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