The post-80s marriage and childbirth wave is coming

by:Ennas      2021-12-12

The post-90s generation has begun to enter into marriage and love, and a large wave of post-80s generations spanning 25-34 years is also ushering in the peak tide of marriage and childbirth, becoming the main force in the consumption of pregnant, infant and child. Due to the generally higher level of education and income, parents born in the 1980s have been able to purchase milk powder, infant feeding, clothing, toy teaching aids, early childhood education, and safety car seats in terms of infant nurturing, consumption awareness, and purchasing habits Higher-quality, segmented market demand has in turn stimulated a greater space for the development of China's pregnancy, infant and child industry. At present, China has become the second largest consumer of baby and child products after the United States. The number of infants and children aged 0-12 in China is as high as 200 million. The baby and child market has maintained a rapid growth of 15% in recent years. The huge consumer market encourages more people to join the industry every year. At the '20th Jingzheng • Guangzhou Pregnancy, Baby and Child Products Expo' to be held in November this year, the scale of 23,000 square meters is expected to be 400 exhibitors. Enterprises, 800 exhibiting brands, and 30,000 spectators participated in the grand event since then, which shows the attractive 'money' scene of China's pregnant, infant and child market. Fighting Mom Era: One-stop shopping for pregnant, baby and child products for hot moms born in the 1980s. Recently, on social media, a long graphic message of various 'super powers' that the post-80s hot moms must possess in the form of comics has quietly become popular. Among them, purchasing healthy milk powder and feeding for babies, clothing and bedding with safe materials, educational toy teaching aids, choosing early education training and other matters have become great challenges for mothers' time, eyesight and physical strength after working hard in the workplace. Therefore, participating in the maternity and infant products expo for one-stop purchase of maternal and infant products has become an annual appointment for young parents born in the 1980s. After 11 years of brand development accumulation, 'Jingzheng • Maternity and Infant Products Expo' has become the most influential industry event in China's maternity and infant industry. The exhibition covers a full range of products and latest technologies for pregnant, infants and children worldwide. The exhibits cover the clothing, food, housing, transportation, education, education, and entertainment of pregnant and infant industries. It is a guide for brand promotion, market development and industry trends for pregnant and infant children. The professional platform of business and trade is an annual event where elite colleagues in the pregnancy, infant and child industry gather and exchange every year. This year's Jingzheng • Guangzhou Pregnancy, Infant and Child Products Expo, exhibits cover all links of the entire industrial chain of pregnancy and infants, including: maternal and infant products, children’s clothing, infant clothes, children’s shoes and accessories, toys, teaching aids, baby carriages, car seats, and pregnant and infant products Children's food and health products, cribs, furniture, home textiles, pregnancy clothes, underwear and accessories, service organizations, etc. In addition to many well-known domestic companies, the products also include many overseas well-known brand products, which will become the best choice for mothers to purchase one-stop maternal and child products when they are busy in the workplace. National 'Baby': The market for pregnant, baby and child clothing has unlimited potential. With the popularity of parent-child programs such as 'Where is DadPopularization, parenting has become a hot topic in the society, but it has also sparked an upsurge of “baby drying” by the whole people, led by parents born in the 1980s. Among them, drying clothes has become a must-have for the screen: from the birth of pregnant mothers and babies to growing up, it is estimated that there will be N pictures of clothes that parents need to expose during the process. Currently, there are approximately 314 million children under the age of 14 in my country. According to survey data from the Research Department of CITIC Securities, the size of China's children's clothing market in 2013 was about 120 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach about 200 billion yuan by 2018. China is at the peak of population birth, and the number of children in the next 5 years will show a clear upward trend, laying a solid foundation for children's clothing consumption; at the same time, with the improvement of China's economic development level and national consumption capacity, children's clothing consumers are more inclined to purchase prices For children's clothing with better and better quality, the current per capita consumption of children's clothing in China is only 13.8 US dollars, which is far lower than 66 US dollars in Japan, 90 US dollars in the United States, and 137 in the United Kingdom. Therefore, there is still huge room for per capita consumption to increase. The pregnant, baby and child clothing market with unlimited potential has become a hot spot for industry investment in recent years. In this year's Jingzheng • Guangzhou Pregnancy and Baby Products Fair, Jiahaoyueyuan, Dudula, Sunflower, Bear Youbi, Tongtai, BABiBOO, Xigeer, EILOVN-Ailiying, Meiyingmei, Guyao Numerous well-known baby and child clothing brands such as Er, Benniu Harry, Mother Finger Elf, Danny Pig, Mom’s Choice, Cardi Barbie, Ruifu Qifeng, Jinding and other well-known baby clothing brands will make their debut and bring the latest hot products. Through the exhibition, brand owners and distributors can introduce and understand products from zero distance, and exchange industry information and development trends; investors who want to join the maternity and infant clothing industry can learn about and select agent brands; beauty-loving hot mom and cool dad can also purchase To many favorite baby clothes. Jingzheng • Maternity and Baby Products Fair is held twice a year in Guangzhou and Beijing. As the development time of Guangzhou Maternity and Baby Products Fair approaches, the 21st edition will be held from March 31 to April 2, 2015. Jingzheng•Beijing Maternity, Infant and Child Products Expo has been intensively prepared by the organizer and will be launched soon. Jingzheng • Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition ( sincerely invites colleagues in the maternity, infant and child industry to attend the wonderful event.
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