The planning and design principles and characteristics of rockery sculptures

by:Ennas      2022-02-19
A rockery sculpture with its own characteristics, its success is inseparable from the previous planning and design, everything has its principles, and the same is true for rockery sculptures. The following Beijing rockery sculpture manufacturers will introduce rockery sculptures to everyone. The planning and design principles and characteristics of the rockery sculpture. 1. The principle of tailor-made rockery sculpture. For the rockery stone created by the plan, it is necessary to harmonize with the topography and building construction of the surrounding community, and determine the size and shape of the rockery based on this , Texture and color. For example, the plan requires a desert garden, because there is not much water there, it is not suitable to use lake rocks, otherwise it will conflict with all topography and landforms. 2. The principle of adapting to Feng Shui is in Feng Shui, rockery is mountain It is sheltered from the wind, and it brings nobleness to the park. It has the effect of turning stale into a unique. Generally speaking, the placement of rockeries should follow two principles: one is to determine the orientation according to the detailed direction of the community, and the size and shape are certain. Pay attention to the perfection and harmony in the area. It must be located on the astrolabe where the stars are prosperous. The other is the north, east, southeast, and southwest of the yin and yang. 3. The principle of three distances is like painting. It is necessary to create a rockery work that is derived from nature and is higher than natural. The stacking of rocky mountains, the creation of foreign teachers, the origin of the heart, although amorphous, but there is a fixed method. ① Gao Yuan is planning according to the method of typical Gao Yuan landscape composition. The upper part is high in the west and low in the east. The western side of the pool is stacked into cliffs, which are endowed with natural weathering beauty. The low water level and the water body of the small pool are used as a backdrop to reach in a small space, like being on a cliff with thousands of cliffs, magnificent and steep mountains. The abyss. ②The rockery of the far-reaching plan is to imitate natural phenomena such as valleys, gorges, and deep streams. If you want to give people a profound and steep beauty, you have to express the phenomenon of continuous mountains and interlaced mountain surfaces, excellent layers and quiet scenery. ③Ping The Pinggang Mountains and the jagged and curved surface phenomena described by the Yuanpingyuan landscape seek the rugged and changeable low mountain and hills. The effect is endless, giving people thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, and thousands of miles of blue waves are clear, beautiful, and comfortable. 2. The characteristics of rockery sculptures 1. To create a more ideal artistic image-majestic, majestic and powerful mountain and rock scenes, especially for the creation of giant strange stones that are difficult to extract and stack. It can also imitate yellow wax and british stones. A variety of stone styles such as stone and Taihu stone. 2. Use lower-priced materials, such as bricks, sand, cement, etc., to arrange mountain and stone scenery in non-stone-producing areas. 3. Flexible and convenient construction with less space restrictions. It is not suitable to enter in boulders Indoor gardens, roof gardens, etc., can be shaped into giant shell rocks with a lighter weight. 4. Places can be reserved for planting and greening. Compared with natural rocks, the shaped mountains have the shortcomings of dryness and lack of vitality. The combination of greening and spring water makes up for its shortcomings. The above content is an introduction to the planning and design principles and characteristics of rockery sculptures brought to you by the Beijing sculpture manufacturer. I hope it can help you.
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