The patterns of the jumping on a primitive painted pottery art _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-19
Core tip: the banpo yangshao culture type 'face fish grain basin' is the mother of porcelain, pottery is one of the major inventions of the matriarchal society, pottery pattern marks the formation of human aesthetic. Painted pottery is the former yangshao culture the banpo type 'face fish grain basin' is the mother of porcelain, pottery is one of the major inventions of the matriarchal society, the designs in the pottery marks the formation of human aesthetic. Painted pottery is the classic of Chinese primitive art, ten thousand years ago, our ancestors create pottery, for the first time from the natural tool grinding time, towards the civilization of the new Stone Age. With the improvement of the painted pottery process, generate the original painting, painted pottery pattern. Neolithic people ended the cave in the field of life, out of the original building, formed the original village buildings. Collective labor and promote the development of productivity, well-fed primitive ancestors' has the aesthetic demand. Live in the Yellow River, the Yangtze river basin and the ancestors' start of jianghuai region in commodities engraved paint grain, used to decorate a room, 'painted pottery' was born. Painted pottery culture important sites for: the yangshao culture in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, the Yellow River upstream of the horse home kiln culture, the Yellow River downstream of the dawenkou culture, the Yangtze river downstream of the hemudu culture, and liangzhu culture, and culture violet of the jianghuai region, etc. The face basin of water-wave, the representative work of local primitive painted pottery basin of face fish grain, unearthed from xi 'an banpo village site. This is the hub of a painted pottery art, according to archaeological test, there s more than 6000 years ago. The banpo village unearthed a large number of painted pottery wares, archaeology called 'type the banpo painted pottery', this beautiful painted pottery and bottom groove type painted pottery 'temple' are of yangshao culture. 'The banpo painted pottery' modelling with round bottom bowls, round bottom basin end of peace is more, these colorful painted on the pottery decorative design in a utensil, take detailed vivid lines to describe more. Especially for the first time to use the geometry, added dynamic beauty for design of painted pottery. The face basin of water-wave 'and' deer grain basin 'and so on painted pottery art is the representative work of this type, patterns vivid nature, pen concise, bold strokes and bright colours. Banpo ancestors' after a long period of practice, created by the line in the geometry of the 'second row' of decorative pattern in the jumping dazzling visual effects. Yangshao culture temple double-dip petals lines painted pottery basin yangshao culture are mainly distributed in the Yellow River basin of henan, shanxi and shaanxi, is the boom of matriarchal clan culture. At this point, the prototype of the agricultural scale issued 'primitive farming'. People are engaged in the original planting and acquisition in the mountains of fruits and vegetables, livestock in the tribe, and fishing in the rivers and lakes around the tribal. Desultory life to promote the development of the painted pottery, thus formed the above said 'the banpo painted pottery type' and 'temple bottom groove type of painted pottery. Ma's kiln derived from yangshao culture 'culture', also is the important origin of painted pottery. It is similar to the yangshao culture, culture is derived in the yangshao culture, located in gansu, qinghai area. Archaeology is generally thought that the horse home kiln yangshao culture is the culture of the late type, so also called it 'gansu yangshao culture'. Horse home rotary kiln culture lines painted pottery basin horse home painted pottery kiln culture can be divided into three types: horse home furnace type, the type and area plant type, inherited the yangshao culture in the process of technology, the grain has its own characteristics, line number, spiraling, the view has the feeling of rotation. Color is given priority to with the black horse home kiln types of pottery, bowl and pot inside and outside are coloured drawing or pattern, and even some bottles, pot of perfect coloured drawing or pattern, decorative design in a utensil in the majority with wave and vortex lines, there are a few hang through his lines. Line is fluent and vivid, continuous winding wander from the bar decoration on the pottery, the flow of jumping movement, this is the horse home painted pottery kiln features. Since neolithic pottery still is placed in the ground, so the pattern on the painted pottery are depicted in the upper part, facilitate looked down. The pictorial forms of painted pottery on the head-tail, produced dynamic aesthetic feeling on the vision, the original ancestors' bedroom decorate gorgeous. The primitive art expression and the 'second row' design has been in use today, became a classic art form. Ma's spiral lines painted pottery culture flask
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