The pass rate of plush cloth toys among children's toys in Henan is the lowest

by:Ennas      2021-12-06

Xinhua Net Henan Channel, June 4, Henan Daily reported: The reporter learned from the Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce on June 3 that the bureau commissioned Henan Toy Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to conduct inspections on Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo, Puyang, Zhumadian, etc. The children's toy products sold in the circulation area of u200bu200bthe province-administered city have carried out random inspections. The results of the random inspections just announced show that the quality of children's toys is not optimistic. The sample inspection showed that the qualification rate of wooden toys among children's toys was the highest, reaching 55.56%. In accordance with the requirements of the general technical requirements for wooden toys (QB1096-1991), wooden toys must have the toy manufacturer’s name, site, applicable age and safety warnings, and the appearance must not have mildew, worm eyes, dead knots, resin, or obvious deformation. The inspection found that the unqualified items of wooden toys were mainly the signs and appearances that did not meet the standard requirements. The pass rate of electric toys is second. The main unqualified items are signs, functionality, fastness to wheel and axle, sharp edges, switches, etc., which are likely to cause direct personal injury or potential safety hazards to children. The qualification rate of hard plastic toys is the same again. According to regulations, the accessible edges, corners or parting lines of molded toys for children 96 months and younger should not have sharp burrs or overflows, or they should be protected so that children cannot reach them. It is common for the hard plastic children's toys to be inspected to have sharp edges or burrs on the edge items. Plush cloth toys have the lowest pass rate. The main unqualified items are logo, appearance, filling material, sewing quality, seam fastness, and quality of plastic parts. Sampling inspections also found that there are a large number of 'three nos' products without factory name, site, and logo in the plush cloth toys and hard plastic toys sold in wholesale markets and in rural counties and township (town) markets. Counterfeit, counterfeit famous brand toys and other products.
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