The owner of a toy store in Yichang City was arrested for buying a lethal high-pressure air gun

by:Ennas      2021-12-10

Hubei Trial Implementation of Ecological Compensation Mechanism, Shenhu Wetland, Birds Eat Fish, Government Pays for the 10th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress of Hubei Province, Li Hongzhong presided over the National Audit Office: Economic Responsibility Audit found that the audited leadership problems amounted to over 100 billion held in China Large-scale multi-arms military exercises frequently display their swords during sensitive periods and show their determination to strengthen the military. Korean and Americans say that the United States should not deploy nuclear weapons in South Korea. They are worried about stimulating North Korea and Russia, saying that Western sanctions will make Russia more independent. Chen Lu Xu Jiankun) The owner of a toy store in Yichang City bought 3 high-pressure air guns for more than 20,000 yuan. After sending them by express, they left them at the trash can in the store. , Can cause death and injury. On the 28th, Wang Mou, a toy shop owner in Yiling District, Yichang City, and Zhao Mou, a seller in Wuhan, were detained in accordance with the law.   In July of this year, the Yiling District Public Security Bureau of Yichang City received a report that the owner of a toy store in the Yangtze River Market in Xiaoxita Street was preparing to buy a batch of guns. The purchase channel was Wuhan. After obtaining this clue, the police of the Criminal Investigation No. 1 Squadron of the Public Security Bureau of Yiling District immediately surveyed all the toy stores in the market, and soon discovered that a certain toy store owner Wang had a major suspicion.   Because of the stolen goods, the police strictly monitored Wang. On the afternoon of July 22, an ordinary express aroused the suspicion of the police that the recipient was Wang and the place of delivery was Wuhan. However, through observation, the police found that Wang was not 'enthusiastic' about this express, and just threw it to the trash in the store at will, and he tarriedly refused to unpack it. In order not to stun the snakes, the police dressed up as environmental protection officers, and while observing Wang, they checked the express delivery to prevent the loss of guns. After an hour of investigation, the policemen who made the investigation judged that the guns were in the store. The policemen attacked decisively. The moment the package arrived, the policemen saw that three high-pressure air gun parts were stored inside.   After a sudden trial, Wang explained that his guns were purchased at a price of 7,200 yuan each, which was just fun. The police followed the vines. On July 29, in a toy store on Hanzheng Street, Wuhan, Wang’s gun trade was launched and Zhao was arrested.   Appraisal by the relevant technical department of the Yichang City Public Security Bureau, the guns Wang bought are already quite lethal and can fire lead bullets to cause death and injury. Currently, Wang and Zhao have been detained by Yiling police in accordance with the law for illegally buying and selling guns.
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