The origin of. chinese art _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-07
Summary: China's ivory carving originated very early and ivory products, about 7000 years ago the neolithic age, the original ivory products is a kind of practical tool, with the passage of time, after gradually normal style = 'MARGIN: 0 cm 0 cm 0 pt; 美索- 布局, 网格, Align: none '> ivory carvings and ivory products origin is very early, about 7000 years ago the neolithic age, the original ivory products is a kind of practical tool, with the passage of time, after a decorative supplies, gradually and become the mainstream of. chinese process. In jiang yuyao hemudu cultural relics unearthed bird-like Bi ivory carving small cup, ivory is one of the earliest known. chinese products. Unearthed in shandong dawenkou neolithic cultural sites with ivory ornamental comb drum carving, ivory, ivory beads, exquisite craft products such as ivory tube. Have learned the neolithic artisans use intaglio, engraved look, even the round, such as a variety of techniques to express their thoughts. Because there is no traditional bondage, their work is so bold and creative attempt. These prehistoric. chinese, fully shows the ancestors' primitive society to the art of carving a variety of understanding, that we can't help but marvel at the creation of the original human talent and expressive force. 正常的风格= ' 0厘米0 pt保证金:0厘米; 文本- - - - - - 缩进:18 pt; 美索- 布局, 网格, 对齐:没有; 美索- char- 缩进- 数:2。 0; 美索- char- 缩进- 尺寸:9。 0 pt '> hemudu site, the ivory carving unearthed more than 12 items including groove. chinese piece,. chinese grain bird-like round Bi butterfly, bird and. chinese silkworm lines cup shape and etc, are the first in the interception of the prototype of the fault from ivory material artifacts, and then carved for further processing. Its carving techniques are mainly Yin line, already engraved with a straight line, and engraved with curve, injustice, geometry, more vivid animal image. Is the most wonderful in the 'sunrise' two birds grain butterfly, bird shape round Bi. 'Sunrise' two birds grain center of butterfly is five sizes consisting of concentric circles the sun wen, blazing flame is a symbol of the rays of the sun, the sun left and right sides of a pair of birds, head Yang tail, wings to fly toward the sun. Symmetric harmonious composition of a picture, and fluent line, foil gives a cheerful and lively atmosphere. This is as early as the metal engraving tool sculpture art not before the advent of the Stone Age ancestors' sculpt with very simple tools such a vivid image, can make us wonder and admiration, the original human art creation ability is far beyond our imagination. The bird-like round Bi is a misuse of the mill ivory carved into strips. Bird heads in Bi shank end, slightly declinate, beak like eagles, Bi front and sides were carved in a straight line and short diagonals, a symbol of the bird's wings and feathers. Use the round as a whole and single intaglio techniques, generally showed a stationary state raptor's image. Bi in ancient times is a kind of eating utensils, so clever conception and perfect round image, reflects the hemudu people exquisite carving skills and a high degree of artistic imagination. . chinese bird patterns in the image reflects the hemudu people have certain aesthetic consciousness to the bird. 正常的风格= ' 0厘米0 pt保证金:0厘米; 文本- - - - - - 缩进:18 pt; 美索- 布局, 网格, 对齐:没有; 美索- char- 缩进- 数:2。 0; 美索- char- 缩进- 尺寸:9。 0 pt '> when we revel in the Yangtze river neolithic culture ivory carving art achievements, the lower reaches of the Yellow River area of the other neolithic culture - — Dawenkou culture and shows us five thousand years ago. chinese artistic achievement. In shandong dawenkou cultural relics unearthed in ivory carvings are valuable. such handiwork ivory comb and valuable. such handiwork ivory barrel, cong, ivory bead ivory, ivory carving, such as more than 20 pieces. Ivory carving drum with the whole piece of ivory cutting chase, one carved on the tube body in, the next three weeks, string bands, each stripe on the engraved with three to four string lines, and one more general valuable. such handiwork rules and continuous petals designs, more delicate than the former two. On the three. chinese cylinder number of symmetry can wear a hole is drilled, could be used as wear ornaments. In addition, in a large tomb unearthed engraved look ivory comb is one of the outstanding representatives of dawenkou culture. chinese process. It is to use a curved carved ivory skin, long 16. 4 cm, 8 cm wide, comb chase decorative pattern, with intermittent three parallel lines of hole s-shaped lines, and fills in the patterns of the two 'T' glyph, boundary box also carved with a hole on three sides, boundary box below 16 comb, tall fine and homogeneous, both the practical and aesthetic value. 正常的风格= ' 0厘米0 pt保证金:0厘米; 文本- - - - - - 缩进:18 pt; 美索- 布局, 网格, 对齐:没有; 美索- char- 缩进- 数:2。 0; 美索- char- 缩进- 尺寸:9。 0 pt '> dawenkou culture. chinese on techniques for valuable. such handiwork, than the hemudu culture. chinese pure Yin line engraved with the progress, the emergence of dawenkou culture inlay stone bone tube, also for later inlaid ivory process first. In our south of pearl river basin in the neolithic cultural sites excavated ivory carvings, also has a unique process. Foshan city in guangdong province in 1978, one of about four thousand years ago the neolithic cultural sites, unearthed a waist horn ivory jewelry, the table is smooth, carved no grain, but grinding extremely fine, to the wall as thin as eggshell, from this rare. chinese, shows that our country south of neolithic ancestors. chinese excellent workmanship. From south to north, when our ancestors after a brutal benighted era, entered the threshold of a civilized society, the ancient ivory carving art, already start from the bud growth.
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