The origin and development of Chinese ancient bronze _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-07
Core tip: summary of Chinese ancient bronze bronze mean? It originally produced in what time? For collectors of bronzes and interested in master bronze identification technology, is the first summary of Chinese ancient bronze bronze mean? It originally produced in what time? For collectors of bronzes and people interested in master bronze identify technology, are first and must find out the problem. Tell from the archeology, especially Chinese bronze ware quality of a material is given priority to with copper, add a small amount of tin and lead casting of artifacts, named green in colour. It mainly include the kinds of tools, weapons, food, cooking, wine, Musical Instruments, water machine, horses and chariots and etc. On a variety of forms, exquisitely patterned, part implements cast with inscriptions. Shang dynasty and the early stage of the western zhou dynasty bronze object type dignified and thick, delicate and luxuriant, grain is gluttonous grain, more animal lines and geometric patterns, etc. ; Inscriptions and vigorous of primitive simplicity, the general words is less. The invention of the bronze ware is an epoch-making creation, shang and western zhou dynasties in China, the spring and autumn period and the three historical period, due to large amounts of bronze ware and use, the historians call 'Bronze Age'. When first appeared in ancient China? There is a legend called 'human-god soldier', according to legend human-god command headquarters team offensive huangdi tribe, the two sides 'in the field of integration involved problems. the zhuolu war'. The beginning of the war the human-god army victory, because they have a dog, Monsieur beaucaire spear, weapons, such as reduced spear. According to archaeological experts estimate that, when these weapons are produced with copper. Later, the yellow emperor invented and produced instruments used for war, to reverse the war situation and the human-god is uniform. The origin and development of Chinese ancient bronze so far, China has found that one of the earliest bronze ware, was in 1975 in gansu dongxiang lins' unearthed in the ruins of a house and some of the bronze pieces, bronze knife in around three thousand BC, its s gansu yangshao culture ( The horse home kiln culture) The horse home kiln type. In late some time of shandong longshan culture, and hebei, liaoning, Inner Mongolia stores of summer low culture sites, generally discovered bronze tools, weapons, decorations, etc. Archaeologists in the northwestern region of its cultural relics found many tools and mirror, ring, etc. , have a plenty of red copper, have a plenty of bronze. While Chinese primitive culture development imbalance, but at least in the longshan culture period, many areas of people who have known in the long-term production practice the materials and characteristics of copper, and preliminary grasp the bronze smelting and casting technology, in the process of making, show the corresponding decorative artistic conception. When the ancestors' to fan technology cast bronze vessels, bronze art quickly into its flourishing period. In henan dengfeng a belongs to the ash pits of longshan culture period, unearthed a is likely to be the bottom of the bronze pieces, it s to around one thousand nine hundred BC, equivalent to the beginning of the dynasty. In henan yanshi site of erlitou culture, found in the bronze wine vessels, while the form is simpler, the proportion of each part is not harmonious, but its modelling style has been basically established. From erlitou site found in cast copper, pottery, bone, cut jade and other kinds of workshop remains unknown, the internal division of labor in the handicraft industry, bronze ware manufacturing is an important and independent of the production department. From the perspective of the history of Chinese, in our country is the first invention of smelting bronze, until very late smelting copper, namely pure copper. About six or seven thousand years ago, our country has entered the late neolithic age. At this point, the fire had already been invented and applied, in ancient historical legends, this is equal to the period of emperor yan, yan emperor is called mount's, is set of ShaoLin meaning, also known as the emperor shen nung. At this time, the grinding stone has prevailed, agriculture and family handicraft industry has division of labor, the pottery has been widely fire, because each area requires the stone, for stone texture to area high up. So, some tribes are specialized in making stone with raw materials, transportation to other tribes, exchange of food, linen and livestock. So to focus a lot of people go to quarrying, quarrying industry began to develop. Quarrying stone mountain to dig, some stone soil mixed stone tools unearthed, such as easily with a stick. If the stones are big, will be a fire to burn it to crack, thus gaining the use of fire to smelting technology, the ancients have not processing knowledge, they put some copper and paragenetic minerals such as lead, tin and zinc are mixed together, after the temperature is not too high of firewood and, ore melting, cooling and then condense into bronze piece of cake. May be unintentionally discovered at first, but then understood these bronze of pizza can be melt, condensation, which can be used as a high hardness of weapons and tools, which is one of the earliest bronze ware was born in China. Actually, call an alloy of copper and tin bronze,'s descendants, the ancients also don't know the difference between copper and tin, until the spring and autumn period, also called the copper 'gold'. With the development of the bronze wares and improvement of metallurgical technology, people gradually have the knowledge of the difference between ore. Copper mineral is also has the nature, but not red. In ancient China can tell Jin Sanpin, that is, gold, platinum and red gold, pure gold by smelting and, apparently at that time, people can already pure copper smelter in red. Copper melting point at 1000 ℃ above, this is a major development of metallurgical technology in our country, the time should be after the smelting bronze. In wuwei, gansu province in the late 1950 s the emperor empress ruins discovered many red bronze, it s about four thousand years ago. The origin of the bronze ware, is for the sake of casting tool for development of production, but also to make to defend themselves, against the beast and the enemy's weapon, rather than for life. This is a common rule of Bronze Age.
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