The only way for baby products companies to embrace new retail: deep participation in CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-11-17

At present, the world economy is still in a period of in-depth adjustment, but the export of baby products is still growing. Among them, the market performance of baby strollers is eye-catching. Statistics show that in 2017, the export value of my country's baby strollers was US$3.755 billion, an increase of 15.4% year-on-year. At the same time, the number of domestic baby products consumer groups is also growing rapidly. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the number of second children rose to 8.83 million in 2017, an increase of 1.62 million over 2016; the proportion of second children to all births reached 51.2%, an increase of 11 percentage points from 2016. Nowadays, the post-85s and post-90s are the main consumer groups of parenting families. The consumption philosophy and consumption needs of these people are upgraded, which can be described as the development dividend of the baby products industry. For inexperienced young parents, new species of mothers and babies, and baby products incorporating new technological elements, will allow them to enjoy a relaxed parenting experience, which is bound to be very popular. CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition is the world's leading professional trading platform for baby and child products, positioning 'internationalizationThe CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair is jointly organized by the China Toys and Baby Products Association and the Cologne Exhibition in Shanghai in October every year. It aims to help baby product brands and manufacturers develop domestic and foreign markets, expand department stores, supermarket stores, and mother and baby chains. And provincial and municipal agents, purchasers, etc. The CKE China Baby Show has great significance for baby products companies to expand domestic and foreign sales channels and enhance their brand image. It is reflected in the following points: 1. The CKE China Baby Show has the most complete display categories, including strollers, safety seats, cribs, and washing machines. The entire categories of nursing supplies, feeding supplies, baby and children's clothing, etc. cover consumption hotspots of all age groups. At the same time, the stroller zone, riding zone, scooter zone, washing and nursing zone, IP authorized children's clothing zone, etc. will be launched on the spot to provide more valuable cluster display opportunities for participating baby products companies and expand domestic and overseas channels in one stop. 2. CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair provides efficient and accurate docking services, and holds special docking meetings, enabling exhibiting brand manufacturers and enterprises to accurately and efficiently dock buyers. CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition is a professional service provider, providing customized services for different types of companies and different types of channels, and organizing special procurement exchange meetings. Special events for baby strollers, safety seats, and complementary foods, as well as purchase exchange meetings for supermarkets, maternal and child chains, large e-commerce companies, and self-media sessions, have one-on-one negotiation, precise matching, and significant results. 3. Exhibitors of CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair are positioned mainly for production-oriented enterprises and brand owners, and their buyers are high-level import and export traders, agent dealers, department stores, and chain distributors. Domestic buyers cover more than 500 cities in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, covering provincial and municipal agents, supermarkets, shopping malls, mother and baby chains, e-commerce platforms, and online shops and other major channel buyers. 4. The CKE China Baby u0026 Children Show provides convenience for the vast number of baby products companies to expand overseas channels. The CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair is in time before the Canton Fair. After understanding the differentiated content of the CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair, many buyers participating in the Canton Fair put their first stop in China to purchase in Shanghai. Participating in the CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair can get in touch with more Many high-quality global buyers. According to the statistics of the scan data, in 2017, 50,083 professional buyers from home and abroad attended the CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair. Among them, 3,432 international buyers came from 129 countries and regions. 5. Baby products companies participating in the CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair can share the unique resources of the industry association, expand channels, and enhance their brands. Join a star supplier and get global business opportunities. The association's unique star-rated suppliers endorse the status of outstanding export-oriented enterprises and manufacturers. The association provides accurate overseas promotion services for them. Enterprises can gain the trust of global overseas channel buyers through the 'quality' certification and obtain more business opportunities; Become a safety commitment brand and use good products to create a quality experience. By becoming a safety-committed brand and participating in the brand self-discipline in China, the company will allow the society to supervise and gain market recognition, show consumers product quality and safety, and enhance consumer confidence in buying, while highlighting the differentiation from other products, promoting product sales, and enhancing the brand Image and popularity; the roundtable meeting connects the world, which can help the development of corporate channel markets. Many excellent channel merchants and retailers from all over the country, such as supermarkets, specialty stores, and e-commerce, gather at the exhibition. The roundtable meeting helps manufacturers and merchants at home and abroad who want to quickly develop the domestic market to establish a fast cooperation channel. Through the roundtable meeting, You can plan the sales layout of the Chinese market in a short period of time, and improve the pace of corporate strategy development; at the same time, you can launch new product trends and introduce new products. Trend press conferences can promote companies to launch new products at the exhibition, so that many distributors can see the next year's product innovation trends, evaluate sales potential, and greatly enhance the company's comprehensive assessment of the new product market sales potential, as a guide for production, An important reference basis for sales and marketing strategies to help companies quickly occupy the market with new products. Feeding supplies, nursing sanitary ware, toilets, bathtubs, baby clothes, shoes and hats, baby swimsuits, baby home textiles, baby products, safety supplies, baby toys, food products, gifts and other baby products, maternity clothes, Breast pumps, maternity care and other maternal and child products, and air purification equipment, dining chairs, cribs and other household products companies want to promote their brands and get the opportunity to display like their counterparts. Please click on the official website of CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition cn.china-kids- On expo.com, click on 'Enterprises to book booths' on the homepage, apply for participation, seize advantageous resources and obtain greater business opportunities.
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