The one-of-a-kind toy Baba 'personalized' third parties

by:Ennas      2021-11-22

Speaking of third parties, what will be your first reaction? People may first think of Alipay. Yes, the annual online shopping festival 'Double 11' has just passed. Online shopping has become popular and fashionable. But in such a virtual space, how to protect the rights and interests of consumers? Online shopping cannot achieve the 'one-handed delivery, one-handed delivery' in real life. If there is no Alipay, the buyer will send the money directly to the seller, and they will worry that the payment has been paid, and the seller will delay the shipment or even delay the shipment, which will eventually lead to the buyer's loss of property. For the majority of online shopping groups, the concept of Alipay should be very familiar, so there is no need to explain it. Similar to Alipay, it is the third party of Toy Baba. In order to meet the urgent needs of manufacturers and buyers, and avoid the problems of buyers failing to pay the goods in time, manufacturers failing to deliver goods in time during the transaction, as well as the wrong version of the goods, the shortage of goods, etc., starting from January 2011, Toy Baba officially The third-party payment service is launched, that is, after the manufacturer and the purchaser become a purchase and sales relationship, Toy Baba is entrusted as a third party to provide financial payment protection for both parties. This business is quite 'buy (provide free) insurance for your business activities.' Toy Baba is a unique third party. First of all, Toy Baba is a professional toy trading platform. The third party of Toy Baba is undoubtedly only involved in the field of toys. Secondly, different from the mechanized Alipay, the third party of Toy Baba has its own characteristics. First, Toy Baba’s office is located in the local toy production base in Chenghai, and is familiar with toy manufacturers. As the saying goes, knowing oneself, knowing each other, and winning every battle is more conducive to protecting the interests of buyers. Second, Toy Baba’s third party is endowed with aura and is more humane than Alipay. We play a vital role in the coordination of buyers and manufacturers. Third, the third party of Toy Baba is 'individualizedArtificial third party'. Fourth, Toy Baba’s third-party service provides people-friendly services that are free of handling fees for one year. It is precisely because the third party of Toy Baba has the above characteristics, so his role for buyers is reflected in the purchaser registering as a member of Toy Baba for free, and adding N products from N manufacturers that he needs to the inquiry list. , Form an inquiry form, and reply the inquiry form directly through the manufacturer. When the two parties reach an agreement to proceed with the transaction, the purchaser remits the payment to the Toy Baba account, and Toy Baba guarantees the safety of its funds. Toy Baba notified the manufacturer to ship the goods to the buyer. After receiving the goods, the purchaser entrusts Toy Baba to pay the purchase price to the manufacturer. After receiving the payment, the manufacturer faxed the receipt to Toy Baba to confirm that it received the payment. In the process of placing an order from the inquiry form—fund guarantee—manufacturer delivery—-entrusted payment—payment confirmation, the purchaser adds the inquiry form inquiry and remits the money to the ICBC account of Toy Baba, which avoids purchasing The merchant must remit the payment to the toy manufacturer one by one. This process saves the purchaser's handling fees and labor. All in all, the unique personalized 'third party' of Toy Baba is an artificially personalized third party, which is more suitable for the current status of China's toy trade wholesale.
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