The omni-channel marketing model of the preschool education supplies industry is launched, helping manufacturers to seize the preschool education market

by:Ennas      2021-12-01

2014 is a critical year for the national education development plan for the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Governments at all levels are vigorously developing public kindergartens and actively supporting private kindergartens. Facing the 100 billion-level preschool education market, how can we quickly find agents with bidding experience and promotion capabilities in cities at all levels, and leverage on the efficient development of kindergartens, parent-child early education and other institutions? How can we get in touch with high-quality terminal kindergartens across the country, and improve the influence and popularity of products and brands in the terminal through the word-of-mouth of the principal? Is there any way to grasp the popular trends and international advanced concepts of the preschool education supplies industry and optimize business strategies? ……Become a great mountain in front of the manufacturers and brands of preschool education supplies at home and abroad. The single marketing model of the preschool education supplies industry seriously hinders the expansion of manufacturers' channels. Although the demand for the preschool education market in my country is booming, the current situation that does not match it is that the development of mature industry commerce platforms is lagging behind, and what can be called global is a serious lack. At present, the channel expansion model of the preschool education supplies industry manufacturers is relatively scattered. The establishment of branches in key provinces and cities directly participates in bidding, relies on regional distributors to distribute goods, and tries to expand the retail market through online channels. However, they are subject to the particularity of preschool education supplies. The model has shortcomings such as poor systemicity, high capital and labor costs, and inadequate training, which restricts its convenient and rapid deployment of markets at all levels across the country. International market expansion, branding and quality development are even more unmatched. Firstly promote the industry's omni-channel marketing concept to help the development of corporate channel brands. As the spokesperson of the industry, the China Toys and Baby Products Association relies on the promotion resources and experience accumulated in the past 30 years to launch the first omni-channel marketing concept based on the characteristics of the preschool education supplies industry. Levels lead enterprises to achieve double harvests in channels and brands. First, integrate the multimedia platform, give full play to the intuition of the print media 'ToysThe topic guides merchants to actively purchase. Secondly, in the first year, it organized the launch of the 'Kindergarten Education and Education Purchasing GuideThe director understands the reference book for new products and brands. It is reported that the guide is expected to be available before June. Furthermore, the full name of China Toy Fair, an international trade platform under the association, was renamed China International Toys and Educational Equipment Fair this year. The importance of preschool education supplies has reached a new high in previous years, and industry enterprises will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to achieve a big leap. In addition, the association continues to optimize the topics of preschool education development and innovation seminars, inviting government agencies and industry experts to deeply interpret the status quo and trends of the industry, and provide the most powerful decision support for preschool education supplies companies to accurately control the domestic and overseas markets. Hundreds of brands of kindergarten education products have successfully witnessed accelerating the deployment of domestic and overseas markets. Since the launch of the omni-channel marketing model of the association, it has won unanimous recognition and active participation of many domestic and overseas kindergarten products. The new products of the association's multimedia platform enterprises and the bidding information of local education equipment centers are updated daily. There are hundreds of high-quality promotion spaces in the 7 main catalogs of the 'Kindergarten Education Purchasing GuideIn particular, the special booths of the China Toy Fair are even more popular. At present, they have gathered LittleTikes, Crayola, Morphun, Beleduc in Germany, Yupy in France, EDToy, AMOS, ACI in Malaysia, Wisdom, Kidel, Gigo, USL, and weplay in China. There are hundreds of international brands and many national enterprises, and the only two major domestic production areas of preschool education supplies such as Jiangsu Baoying and Zhejiang Yongjia are also actively organizing local outstanding characteristic enterprises to plan channel expansion and brand promotion activities. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of purchasers of preschool education supplies, the association also launched the pre-registration channel in advance. Log in to the China Toy Fair or call 010-66038881-221 to learn about new preschool education products.
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