The number of users reaches 484 million. Tencent, NetEase, and Perfect World want to continue to increase the upstream and downstream of the e-sports industry

by:Ennas      2022-01-20
In recent years, the development of social technology has accelerated, and the e-sports industry has also become the development direction of Tencent, NetEase, and Perfect World. On August 2, the 18th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ChinaJoy) gradually came to an end. In the consecutive days of the exhibition, e-sports has frequently become a key word mentioned by all parties, including Tencent, Companies such as NetEase and Perfect World have also revealed their willingness to continue to increase in the field of e-sports. Not only are the e-sports experience halls, e-sports ecological industrial parks and other projects about to land or enter the construction phase, they also plan to build boutique games , Holding e-sports events and other methods, continue to explore the upstream and downstream of the e-sports industry. According to the relevant person in charge of Tencent, Tencent has been in the field of e-sports for ten years. Up to now, Tencent e-sports has established a remote production and broadcasting center for e-sports events with China Central Radio and Television. At the same time, the new KPL King Glory The professional league spring finals also ended last month. In the future, a series of important professional leagues such as the PEC Peace Elite Global Finals and the Royal Clash Global Finals will also be launched one after another. In addition, the first comprehensive e-sports experience hall in China, Tencent E-sports V-Station experience hall, will also be in It was in Shanghai on October 1st this year. While Tencent is eyeing on e-sports, Netease is not far behind, and is frequently taking action by building e-sports parks and looking for cultivating professionals. At present, the NetEase E-sports Ecological Park has entered the construction stage, and industrial modules including product research and development, arenas, and team development will all be implemented here. In the future, through the park model, it is hoped that the upstream and downstream of e-sports can be further opened up, so that the entire industrial chain can reduce costs and increase efficiency. At the same time, as the talent gap in my country's e-sports industry is as high as 500,000, we have launched two talent incubation programs, Netease e-sports agency and NeXT Starman Program. The person in charge of NetEase games said so. The active deployment of many companies in e-sports is inseparable from the market potential of the industry. According to the China Game Industry Report for January-June 2020, my country's e-sports industry developed rapidly in the first half of this year, and realized e-sports game marketing revenue of 71.936 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 54.69%, a significant increase. Correspondingly, e-sports users have also continued to grow, making the number of e-sports users in my country from January to June increased by 9.94% year-on-year, reaching approximately 484 million. The continuous growth of market size and user scale has also allowed more and more companies to join the ranks of e-sports. According to data from the professional version of Tianyancha, since 2019, my country's e-sports-related companies have added an average of over 270 new ones each month, and nearly 1,600 new ones have been added in the first half of this year alone. At present, the total number of e-sports related companies in my country has exceeded 10,000, of which 90% were established within 5 years. In the view of Perfect World CEO Xiao Hong, e-sports is derived from games and has become a unique field with rapid development. It will be the fastest growing field in the game-derived field. There are many new trends. Although e-sports is currently The development and development of its business model is still at a very early stage, but technological innovation has become the engine for the rise and development of the e-sports industry. The future is the era of e-sports, and events can inspire the most primitive human will to compete. Although many new fans are not familiar with e-sports, they will still be attracted by e-sports. The e-sports industry should use innovation as the contact point for cooperation. In addition to technology bringing us a very impressive future, the cooperation between enterprises and the government and the joint cooperation between the upstream and downstream of different industrial chains can keep the e-sports industry developing and fast. The core point of development.
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