The New Year of the Horse

by:Ennas      2021-11-27

The breath of the Spring Festival has not yet dissipated, and the Western Valentine's Day and Lantern Festival will soon be ushered in. The 2014 Lantern Festival hit Valentine's Day, about once every 19 years. For businesses, this is another big business opportunity ushered in after the Spring Festival. Ouyang Xiu said in 'Sheng Zhazi: Yuan Xi': 'Last year Yuan night, the flower market lights were like the day. The willows on the moon, and people meet after dusk.' The Chinese Lantern Festival is also known as Valentine's Day. The combination of Chinese and Western Valentine's Day adds romance to the festival. Most couples use roses to express their hearts, but the people of fantastic ideas also dig out more romantic tricks. The merchants “prescribe the right medicine”, colorful heart lights / rose heart-shaped lights decorate the festive atmosphere, plush toy bouquets, Chocolate bouquets have also become the gift of choice. Lantern lanterns are not only children's playthings, but also loved by young people. In the Year of the Horse, as the name suggests, this year’s Lantern Festival lanterns will also feature the 'horse' zodiac. Smelling the business opportunities, toy manufacturers rushed to make various gifts for Valentine's Day and Lantern Festival, and went all out to welcome the east and west festivals that will happen once in 19 years.
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