The new virus in the Beijing epidemic originated in Europe. Do you dare to drink milk powder for your baby on Haitao recently?

by:Ennas      2022-01-17
Affected by the new crown epidemic at the beginning of this year, the country has been in a tight state of lockdown. It finally survived until April. The epidemic has basically subsided, and now Beijing, the capital of the country, has entered a state of emergency. From 0:00 on June 11 to 7:00 on June 14, a total of 51 confirmed cases occurred in Beijing. The new outbreak point was directed to the wholesale market in Xinfadi, and the new crown virus was detected from the cutting board of imported salmon. This product The source of the goods comes from the Jingshen Seafood Market. As soon as the news came out, everyone's nerves were tense again, and it was the seafood market again. So where does the virus come from? After investigation, Yang Peng from the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the source of the virus in Beijing Xinfadi is still under further investigation. Through whole-genome sequencing, it was found that the virus came from Europe, and the preliminary judgment was related to importability. But how exactly the virus came about is still uncertain. It may be contaminated seafood or meat, or people who enter the market may spread it through secretions. What is certain is that the strain of the virus in Beijing this time came from Europe. Experts pointed out that salmon should not be the source of infection, and it is unlikely that the new crown virus will spread in aquatic seafood. Then there is another possibility that the fish was contaminated by people carrying the virus during the fishing and transportation process. After the fish was caught, because the processing workers were infected with the new crown virus, the surface of the fish may be contaminated and the contaminated seafood was transported. In China, Chinese workers were infected during the handling process, which led to further human-to-human transmission. Of course, this is only a speculation and needs to be further confirmed by epidemiological investigations. However, the current overseas epidemic is more serious than China. If this is possible, you should pay special attention to goods imported from countries with severe epidemics. So, do you dare to drink milk powder for your baby on Haitao recently? In fact, in addition to counterfeit and inferior, expired milk powder, the production environment of most milk powder is very safe, but it is necessary to pay attention to the pollution during transportation, artificial packaging, touch, etc. may cause express packaging, other than milk powder. Viruses remain on tanks, etc., and people are at risk of being infected through contact. Moreover, the current foreign epidemic situation is very serious, and the control ability is far less than that of China. The latest data shows that there are currently nearly 3.5 million confirmed cases in the world. As the most popular cross-border milk powder country for Chinese consumers, there are more than 1.4 million confirmed cases in the United States, and the second outbreak is due to resumption of work, elections, demonstrations and riots in the United States. In addition to better control in Germany, the current number of confirmed cases in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, etc. are still relatively high; Australia and New Zealand have fewer confirmed cases, but due to the possibility of navigation with European and American countries, safety needs to be paid attention to. On June 14, the Chengdu Health and Health Commission also issued the 'Personal Protection Tips for Chengdu Citizens under the Situation of Normalized Prevention and Control of the New Crown Epidemic' on its official WeChat, which pointed out that it is necessary to avoid overseas shopping and purchase products from areas with severe epidemic situation abroad. If you purchase fresh products through e-commerce, micro-commerce, etc., the express package should not be brought indoors if it is not disinfected, and your hands should be washed promptly after touching the package and fresh food. In fact, in light of the many incidents that have occurred on Haitao Daigou, it is still not recommended that you buy imported milk powder from informal channels. Recently, two major cross-border processing incidents involved milk powder. One was from June 3 to 12. Under the supervision of Xiyong Customs under Chongqing Customs, a batch of expired cross-border products were destroyed intensively, of which infant milk powder accounted for 88 %, the quantity reaches 600,000 cans; the other is the mission 2020-7 joint special operation to combat cross-border e-commerce smuggling, successfully destroying 4 cross-border smuggling gangs, with an initial estimate of 300 million yuan, of which tens of millions of milk powder was seized . But this is not the biggest problem of Haitao milk powder. According to statistics, there were 28 major milk powder safety accidents in foreign countries in 2019, an average of two per month. For example, in April last year, the UAE health department recalled 2 batches of Spain due to suspected contamination. Produce imported infant formula milk powder. In 2018, there were also major incidents, the most serious of which was the French tainted milk powder incident; the other was the case of counterfeiting of well-known international brand baby powders cracked by the Spanish police, involving 8 tons of milk powder and as many as 13,000 boxes. According to reports, most of them were originally planned to be sold to the Chinese market. Therefore, for the safety of babies, mothers should try not to buy imported milk powder from Haitao Daigou in the near future. Even if they do, they must disinfect the express packaging and milk powder tanks as soon as possible, and wash their hands in time to avoid direct contact with the baby. Of course It is best to buy domestic and national bank milk powder, and cross-border imported milk powder should also look for big brands and formal channels. In addition, although the epidemic situation has eased, personal protection still needs to be adhered to for a long time, especially those with elderly and children at home, scientifically wear masks, wash hands frequently, keep long ventilation, keep distance, clean regularly, and treat all express delivery and outer packaging. Perform disinfection, do not bring it directly into the room, before it is time to relax.
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