The national arts exhibition during the statuettes show - — Taiyuan gallery five major exhibitions at the same time

by:Ennas      2020-05-31
Core tip: taiyuan daily dispatch of the twelfth session of the national arts exhibition statuettes show on September 25 solstice in taiyuan on October 25, gallery. During the period of taiyuan gallery five exhibition will be held at the same time. 'National arts exhibition, taiyuan daily dispatch of the 12th national arts exhibition statuettes show will be on October 25th September 25 solstice in taiyuan gallery. During the period of taiyuan gallery five exhibition will be held at the same time. 'National arts exhibition statuettes show' is a top priority. By then, 350 pieces of small sculpture for the most part will account for taiyuan gallery space. These works after the intern, rigorous review of screening, stand out from the 2689, reflects the statuette in China 5 years career progress, represents the highest level of contemporary Chinese figurines. 'Wu small sculpture exhibition' will be carried out on September 22. Wu, vice chairman of the China artists association, dean of China figurine, is one of the most international influence figurine artist in China. He has previously will be created in recent years 36 to high-quality goods donated to taiyuan gallery, therefore, taiyuan gallery exhibition hall set up to 4 for wu ZhuanGuan to display these figurines works on display. 'Jin long soul song - — Zhang Xiyu's statuettes show 'has been carried out on August 30. The 78 - year - old Zhang Xiyu figurines in shanxi's predecessors. He served as figurines in shanxi association President, currently he is honorary President of figurines home association of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, potters honorary President of the association. Exhibition at the 72 works on display are all its good at SanJin historic character figurines, jie zitui, WeiFuRen, sima guang, etc. 'Shanxi Province figurines exhibited' will be carried out before on September 25th, nearly 80 works on display will represent the highest level in Shanxi Province. 'More profound, — Taiyuan city figurine institute exhibition 'will be carried out before September 25. Participating in different historical periods, the national exhibition of selected shanxi figurines and some new works, and in accordance with the figurines materials development is divided into four parts: in the 1970 s era of stainless steel and Bronze Age in the 1990 s, 00 s era of Stone Age and the soil of recent years. In addition, in a small statue of seminars during the exhibition will also be a small statue art, 'together we do figurines' children's art education activities. ( Louder)
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