The national arts and crafts fair in Shanghai in 2018

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
National arts and crafts fair in Shanghai in 2018 will be in June 7 to 9, 2018 was held in Shanghai everbright convention and exhibition center, exhibition booth 900 default, exhibition area of 18000 square meters, is expected to invite professional visitors 60000 person-time, focus on strengthening collectors, investors, antique city, home market, the auction house, museum, art museum, gallery, national commercial office in China, property developers, leisure place units, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, units, import and export trade company, industry association and other groups end buyers and buyers abroad invited work, realize the seamless joint between buyers and vendors. In the comprehensive promotion fair quality, expand the scale of the exhibition at the same time, we will focus on inviting characteristic high-quality brand exhibition, dedicated to become an international trade event, the last exhibition collected more than 300 master of art, more than 600 exhibitors, tens of thousands of pieces of arts and crafts, art collection, a bright Exhibition area of 12000 square meters, the stream of people, including professional audiences at home and abroad has received more than 38000 passengers, up to 1 field sales alone. 4. 8 billion yuan & hellip; Exhibitors to the organization of the organizing committee and to the exhibition promotion, clinch a deal the quality and level, the number of buyers, the scene audience and orders are quite satisfied. The exhibition to & other; Art creativity, health throughout life &; As the theme, for the purpose of promoting original art to show of the deep cultural connotation of the arts and crafts, mahogany and colorful Chinese culture, gathered nearly all pieces of arts and crafts boutique display at home and abroad. Famous club, the exhibition attracted many professional art institutions, industry masters collection, art investors. For carrying forward the culture of the Chinese traditional arts and crafts, encourage the arts and crafts tradition inheritance and innovation, to encourage more high-quality goods, master, skill personnel, and to dig in the field of arts and crafts talents, wizards, guide the investment collection, exhibition grandly held the same award for arts and crafts boutique. Awards to invite senior titles ( Professional technical qualifications) At or above the provincial level of the master of the review committee, expert, professor, the selection of gold, silver, bronze and best creative award, best craft, etc. , winning certificate signed by the judges to undertake unit, dated and build official seal, indicate the exhibition at the same time, for the winners awarded honorary certificates. Carry forward the quintessence of art, the international creative, it is the objective of the exhibition, and is also the development direction of Chinese arts and crafts industry, the exhibition will be collection, exhibition. Creativity, comparison, creative power, cultural power of arts and crafts, brand integration, realize the art culture, commercial value, real guide rational consumption culture art, promoting the capitalization of the art in our country, the popularization. Arts and crafts fair exhibition scope 1. Ceramic purple sand culture: ancient porcelain craft porcelain/high resistant porcelain/ceramic/recommended fine arts and other art; Fine ceramic, purple sand pottery, recommended, purple sand flowerpot, purple clay sculpture, violet arenaceous handicraft, yixing purple sand, jingdezhen ceramics, hunan liling porcelain, porcelain, jun porcelain, henan, zhejiang, henan, fujian dehua white porcelain, longquan celadon tangshan ceramic bone China, Taiwan, etc. 2. Anddrunkenness tea, teachers, zen tea culture: all kinds of natural spices, such as aloes and sandalwood there are instruments, there are clubs, training institutions, etc. ; All kinds of zen tea, tea sets, zen tea hall, etc. Aloes, joss stick, bamboo Angle of the micro smoke is sweet, sweet, smokeless technology is sweet, sweet, India material is sweet, sweet, spices and high aroma, incense, tower incense, all 3, etc. Classical annatto furniture, rosewood, rosewood, sweet branch wood, black rosewood and ebony, striped ebony, chicken wing wood, such as valuable hardwood furniture brand, padauk classical furniture, antique furniture, ancient furniture of annatto furniture, etc. 4. DiaoYi: jade carving/wood/root/stone archways/sculpture sculpture art; Wood carving handicrafts, wooden decorations, wooden furnishing articles, wood accessories, wood furniture, tea sets, tea sets, such as exhibition root carving, bamboo crafts, etc. 5. Collection: commemorative collection and COINS, stamps, precious metals, etc. , antique furniture, antique furniture, antique furniture, antique, calligraphy and painting, reflux antiques, collectibles, etc; Antique/vintage/painting/four treasures of the study/purple/glass/ceramic/jade stone/thangka/Buddha COINS/ticket/items/fell/ancient silver/watch/bronze/bamboo. chinese/Olympic ( Asian games) The collection/purple sand pottery, four treasures, ancient books, etc. 6. Art category: jade, ancient lacquer, tapestries, oil painting, embroidery, Tibetan act the role ofing, pottery and porcelain, embroidery, lacquer ware, bronze, silver, guqin, jewelry, carvings, COINS and all kinds of handicrafts, etc. ; 7. Arts and crafts boutique: metal craft, ceramic, jewelry technology, sculpture, sculpture technology, silk crafts, resin crafts, folk crafts, handicrafts, wooden handicrafts, rattan products, artificial flowers, bamboo umbrella fan Juan, four treasures, jade, platinum, Yellow) Gold jewellery, natural agate, crystal handicraft, etc. 8. Jade: jade, hetian jade, jade, jade, nanyang Huang Longyu, chalcedony, crystal, agate, tourmaline, amber, tridacna, pearl, coral, colorful treasure, garnet, turquoise and lapis lazuli, shoushan stone, stone, qingtian stone and so on 9 / traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy/print/painting/watercolor/embroidery/folk arts such as 10, stone: stone shoushan stone/indoor ornamental stones/garden/mineral crystal specimens
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