The most weird gift: carton set, only a small bracelet

by:Ennas      2022-02-08

I took a big package, carried it all the way home and opened it, crying, it was empty! Who did it? Coming out...Recently, a netizen with the net name 'I Love Sunny Day' posted an interesting Weibo.    This netizen said that he dragged a 1-meter-long cardboard box for nearly two kilometers, then went home and opened it. Look, it’s a cardboard box, continue to open it, or a cardboard box! This graphic live Weibo quickly attracted a crowd of netizens to watch. On March 13, the mystery was finally revealed.    The 23-year-old netizen is named Wang Yu this year. He runs an online shop. Recently, the house is being renovated. He bought a lot of things online. After receiving this big carton, he carried it home. When it was opened, the carton was like a Russian matryoshka, wrapped in one layer. If he couldn't take it down, he just threw it aside. On the 13th, when the home was installed and corrected and needed a carton to pad the floor, he completely opened the big package and saw a series of bracelets and a piece of paper on the innermost layer.   , Ms. Zhang from Haikou ordered a set of home textile products in Wang Yu’s online store. Seeing that the wedding date was near, the express company kept pressing the pieces. Wang Yu helped every day to remind them, and finally delivered them in time. Ms. Zhang specially gave it to Wang to express her gratitude. This gift from Yu. She wrote on the note: Haha, you must be surprised to see such a big box? Actually, I just want to send you a clam bracelet from our Hainan. Thank you for helping me solve the express delivery problem. Let me I can use your four-piece suit when we get married. I hope to make you a friend! '   When asked about such a risk of wrapping gifts into a luxurious carton boxI don’t think so. Few people don’t finish the package.'
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