The most representative ancient Greece period figurines to Shanghai

by:Ennas      2021-09-08
Core tip: 'elegance and revelry: treasures from the acropolis museum' show up in the Shanghai museum today. Girl of Athens Olympic Games opening ceremony, wearing a white dress and a group of wearing a 'elegance and revelry: treasures from the acropolis museum' which just launched today in Shanghai museum. Girl of Athens Olympic Games opening ceremony, wearing a white dress and a group of dancers wore a wreath, its image in memory, where their prototype shape from, and what is symbolism? The exhibition of ancient Greece period ( In 800 BC to 479 BC) The most representative work of art may be able to give an answer. The acropolis limestone hill, located in attica basin is famous world culture heritage, a monument to western civilization. The predecessor of the acropolis museum is built in 1886 a small museum, on the acropolis hill in Athens now the new city zone, 300 meters away from the acropolis, was completed in 2008, officially opened in 2009. The museum holds the caryatids, such as the Parthenon figurine worldwide prestigious works of art. Reporters learned that the exhibition is the Shanghai museum and the acropolis museum in Athens, Greece in 2015 on December 18, signed the memorandum of cooperation. According to the memo, two pavilion swaps cultural relics on display: from October 28, 2017 to April 30, 2018, two from the Shanghai museum's collection - — — The spring and autumn period and the early bronze son para Jiang Pan and early qing dynasty painter Wu Hong volume qingjiang travelled figure, exhibited in the acropolis museum foyer. And two from the acropolis museum, in January 2018 on April 8, 10 solstice exhibited in Shanghai museum on the first floor lobby. The exhibition one cora girl statue, made of marble size close to reality, it has been 2500 years of history, and is called the library Ross's young statue as ancient Greece period, the most representative work of figurines. According to the 6th century b. c. , two pillar temple stands the top of the Athens acropolis, the temple worship between several hundreds to girl statue of the goddess Athena. Because of a lack of support, these statues of symbolism is unknown, its performance girl image be interpreted as the goddess, the priestess, goddess of the maid, or normal human. At the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games white skirt girl phalanx to imitate the dignified posture, face with a smile 'antique' cora statue. Just, cora statue is colored, originally is not the color white, the baptism of the years make it lost its original color. In recent years, has been committed to the acropolis museum cora the restoration of the statue, coloring and reduction paint a lot of simulation results. Not only good at making figurines, Athens also use black paint on the red paint on the surface of bottles character image, this bottle of paint decoration techniques known as black painting method. Around 530 BC, the athenians invented the method of red paint, natural red clay to performance figures, the black background. The red paint of the show is the implements of the legal system as a 'nice', lycra lid. Nice ', 'leica is a shallow container with two handles, can deposit a woman's cosmetics and jewelry, it is often as a wedding gift to the couple. Cover device display scenes and wine is closely related to the worship of Dionysus, the god Dionysus holding rod top encircled by pinecone ball rod god of wine, and his entourage is five eros ( Cupid) , nine wine god madwoman and a dike luo ( A sheep people) And they're playing music, dance, drink. The dance at the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games is a drunken state of Dionysus madwoman and dike luo, rod for wine god mad woman waving the god of wine and wore a garland of flowers in the ceramic cover all clear.
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