[图文]The most professional climbing mat manufacturer——Qingdao Yicaihuate unveiled at 2011 Guangzhou Maternity and Infant Exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-11-19

Qingdao Yicaihuate Household Products Co., Ltd. is one of the first professional companies in China to produce and operate various types of living environmental protection foaming pads. It has a complete set of mature operation models Yicaihuate, whose quality is the first priority, conquered customers and led the industry with its rigorous and innovative spirit. High-quality products are not only trusted by domestic consumers, but also exported to Japan, South Korea and other countries, and are highly favored by overseas markets. This year, Qingdao Yicaihuate will appear as an exhibitor at the 2011 Guangzhou International Maternity, Baby and Child Products·Clothing Exhibition to communicate and cooperate with customers. Welcome all new and old friends to come! As the most professional baby mat products company in China, Yi Caihua specializes in Ru0026D, design, manufacturing, sales and operation. It has production and processing bases in Qingdao and Hangzhou, and offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Its baby crawling mats are of outstanding quality, and each series of mat products cover many aspects of life: baby crawling mats, children's activity mats, urine barriers, camping mats, beach mats, and so on. Qingdao Yicaihuat has multiple lines of Disney, Caiyang, Caitian, Caiyuan, Yibao, five production lines, and a monthly output of more than 50,000. These high-quality products have various international toy safety certifications and inspection reports. Each entity channel has a very high share, and has a deep reputation! Exhibition Name: 2011 Guangzhou International Maternity, Baby and Child Products u0026 Apparel Exhibition    Time: November 17-19, 2011 Venue: Guangzhou•Canton Fair Pazhou Complex (the largest exhibition hall in Asia)   Website: www.mommybabyexpo.cn
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