The most innocent and classic toy products of the last century

by:Ennas      2021-12-21

In the world of children, we always keep our innocence. In the last century, many designers designed many classic products. From toys, desks and chairs, they not only grew up with children from different countries in different periods, but also changed children. Views on education and children’s growth space. These products are still popular today. 1920s: Toy textbook by Maria Montessori. This woman was one of the first representatives to explore the potential of creativity in children's education in the early 20th century. She invented a series of representative wooden toys to develop children's creative brains. 1902: High chair by American architect William Eugene Drummond. This chair was originally designed by the architect for his home in Illinois to give children a comfortable and safe seat to sit and eat. The main body is made of oak and the seat surface is made of leather. 1900s: School exercise books by book designer Talwin Morris This series of books was published by the Scottish company Blackieu0026Son, which has extensive cooperation with many contemporary designers in teaching publishing. This book designed by Morris is influenced by the international art nouveau, Glasgow School and other styles, and geometric and curvilinear graphics are applied. Desks and chairs by Italian designer AlessandroMarcucci This group of desks was originally designed for a poor school, using the most primitive wood to save money. 1905: Calendar byMagdaMautnervonMarkhof Designing for children in the early 20th century is not a widely respected and respected thing, but the Austrian female designer Magda regards it as an important topic. This group of calendars has exquisite and gentle pictures and designs, and is regarded as a design representative of 'women understand children's needs better'. 1918: New era of wire-pull dolls Swiss designer SophieTaeuber-Arp Taeuber-Arp created a series of puppet toys, which have a round and sculptural feel, and are controlled by bolted thin wires. Puppets were a popular art form during the two world wars, and many creators brought various kinds of puppets. Taueuber-Arp was the only female member of the Swiss Puppet Theater Committee at the time, and her puppet toys had a pioneering style. 1918: Children's wardrobe Italian designer GiacomoBalla\ geometric decoration on the side of this wardrobe allows children to climb up and down. This work was one of Balla's series of Italian futuristic interiors and toys creations at the time. It was full of experimentation, and it was also a futuristic imagination under the background of the increasing speed of the industry at that time. 1919: Highchair GerritRietveld Dutch designer Rietveld, a Dutch designer who has been influencing design in the 20th century, constantly breaks the traditional design concept of furniture. This chair breaks through the traditional shape and recombines the styles of different traditional furniture. The combination of three intersecting wooden blocks is also a combination after many years of experimentation. 1923: The child's wheelbarrow Gerrit Rietveld, a Dutch designer, also came from Rietveld's design. His classic blue, yellow and red, geometric combination is not only the classic seat, but also witnessed in this children's wheelbarrow. 930 toy design Czech designer Minka Podhajska toy design was not a profitable thing in the early 20th century, but as mentioned above, many female designers like to do this. And this Minka combined Czech craftsmanship tradition with wooden toy making, giving a series of interesting character shapes. Children's scooter: Skippy-Racer American designers JohnRideout and HaroldVanDoren. You must have seen this scooter in some posters of the last century. At the time, the car was only priced at $4.95. 1946: School chair French design master Jean Prouve Jean was originally a carpenter and was later trained as a designer and engineer. His in-depth research on materials and manufacturing processes allowed him to bring us a series of classic productions. This table and chair combination can also be seen in his classic creation, which was originally designed for the new school after the war. 1953: Hang-It-AllCoatrack Hanger CharlesEamesu0026RayEames Eames seat The most important Eames couple in the last century, not only brought us a series of classic Eames seats, etc., they also have a lot of toys Research and design. From elephant seats to pallets of snowflake toys, this hanger originally designed for children has become one of the most classic and still popular furniture today. 1970: Children's rocking chair American designer GloriaCaranica developed rapidly in the United States after the war, and it can also be seen in children's toys. Goodtoys toy company, which was originally developed by a toy store, is an important representative. This is a rocking chair designed by the designer for this brand, which is transformed into a rocking horse design, which is more streamlined and scientific. 1971: Child bed Italian designer Bruno Munari Munari is famous for a series of children's books for children, but at the same time he also invented a series of large models, such as this Abitacolo toy bed system. A bed and a play space, multi-functional application. 1989: Shopping cart chair Stiletto design studio in Germany. Stiletto has a variety of creations. The chair you see has a shape similar to a shopping cart. It is said that it was made by a shopping cart manufacturer and transformed into a child seat. 2005: Puppy toy Finnish design master EeroAarnio This is now a classic. The puppy toy from Finnish design master EeroAarnio can be used as a chair, toy or sculpture.
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