The mobile game market is hot, can toy companies benefit from it?

by:Ennas      2021-11-25

The mobile game market has been heating up in recent years, and 2013 can be described as a boom year for mobile game investment. A large amount of funds, including the toy industry, are chasing the mobile game market for a piece of the pie: In August, China’s first online game company Zhongqing Bao acquired 51% of Shanghai Meifeng Digital for 357 million yuan; In October, Xinghui Auto acquired Tiantuo Technology for 815 million yuan; In November, Aofei Animation acquired Fangcun Technology and Aileyou two game companies for 692 million yuan. % Equity...    Faced with such a hot mobile game, some experts have come out to make bricks, and some use data to point out that the popularity of mobile games wants to cover traditional TV and movie entertainment, while some say that the popularity of mobile games is just a moment of crazy chasing. The resulting bubbles.   'Mobile Games' is the abbreviation of mobile games, divided into stand-alone games (without internet connection) and online games. The popularity of mobile games is not accidental, it is spread by relying on the rapid popularity of smart phones. According to the China Game Work Committee, CNG Zhongxin Game Research (Gamma Data), and International Data Corporation (IDC) released the China Game Industry Report from January to June 2013, as of the end of June this year, the number of Chinese mobile game users reached 1.71 100 million people, an increase of 119.3% compared to the same period last year. The relevant market business opportunities brought by such a large consumer group really make manufacturers coveted, and what kind of attitude do our consumers have about the popularity of mobile games? This is of reference significance for manufacturers who intend to enter this market. To this end, the reporter interviewed 100 people through random field interviews, telephone interviews and online questionnaires, including 23 children and their parents, 17 middle school students, 24 college students, 28 office workers, and others (middle-aged and elderly people and no Housewives of children, etc.) 8 people, and draw the following data charts:   According to the analysis of the survey data, we can draw the following conclusions:   One, who plays?  The young people become the main force.   93% of the respondents said they would play mobile games. However, primary and secondary school students have not been exposed to mobile games for a long time due to learning and parental restrictions, and some children show a kind of 'crazy' pursuit of mobile games. Many parents say that their children will be able to play mobile games as soon as they play mobile games. Very focused, 'more attentive than doing homework.' While parents are busy with their children, they rarely play mobile games, but they will not resist. Most middle-aged and elderly people do not have this entertainment habit, but a few will follow the trend and play with the young people in the unit.   2. Why do you play?   It’s easy to pass the time to fill up the odds and ends.    When asked why they play mobile games, 42% of players blurted out 'boring.' Mobile games can pass the short time of their leisure time. Some interviewees bluntly said that mobile games themselves are boring. However, some parents said that they would not completely restrict their children from playing mobile games, and games are helpful to the development of their children's intelligence.   Three, where to play?  The advantages of WeChat download platform are highlighted.   From the survey data, the mobile game download platform is mainly Tencent QQ WeChat, accounting for 45%, which is a relatively large proportion. This is confirmed by the October Mobile Game Index report released by App Annie (International), an organization that provides data and analysis services for app developers. The report shows that Tencent quickly became the second largest iOS platform publisher in downloads due to the strong communication of WeChat. In the month after the Chinese market was mentioned in the September Mobile Game Index report, Tencent's horizontal parkour game 'Daily Cool Run' successfully won the October iOS platform mobile game download champion position.   Four. How to play? The majority of mobile games are rationally consumed. Although there will be “local tyrants” who spend tens of thousands of yuan on mobile games a month, the consumption of mobile games is still mostly rational from the interviewed mass consumer groups: 82% of the respondents said that only Will play free mobile games, if you want to spend money to buy props or paid upgrades, they are very resolute 'say no'. 18% said they would spend a small amount of money, ranging from a few yuan to a few hundred yuan. As for the peripheral products of some mobile games, such as toys and clothing derived from Angry Birds, most of them are still interested in consumption.   Judging from the reporter's survey, the mobile game market has a huge consumer group. It is reasonable for large toy companies to step into the mobile game field. The mobile game market may not be like the 'temporary bubble' that some experts have said. Combining consumers’ mentality and psychology, small and medium-sized toy companies who want to participate in the development of source games without sufficient funds can learn about popular mobile game characters to make mobile game peripheral toys, such as 'Angry Birds' Many toys derived from it are also good choices. The original title is 'Can toy companies share the mobile game market'
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