The middle scene landscape stone become people eyes

by:Ennas      2021-09-15
Summary: with the improvement of people's living standard, now people's life environment have more and more requirements, people now are in the landscape stone is put in the home or in the park. Landscape stone as as people living standard rise, the circumstances of people's life, now more and more requirements, now people can put landscape stone in at home or in the park. Landscape stone's understanding of life as people, landscape stone has become people's eye view of the scene. After successive craftsman, painstaking and thousands of years of experience accumulation, rockery stone stack has already become the most expressive and most characteristic of the Chinese garden art image. It's close to a fixture, even today is still a 'hot' the rockery, indicates that it has a profound cultural foundation in China, is a fetish love rocks this is a vivid reflection of the aesthetic temperament and interest. It for the Chinese garden, like a small statue for western gardens are equally important. If 'by nature, higher than the natural' is the most important characteristics of classical Chinese is a word, then, gardening art can embody 'natural' which on the one hand, mainly for a quick to fold mountain this advanced art creation. Existence and garden landscape stone figurines are equally important, landscape stone was not just a physical beauty, formal beauty, landscape stone more showed the good of society, it gives the modern people have the chance to close to nature, for the purpose of ecological benefits, the use of new materials, new technologies to create works of rock landscape rich period flavor, elements closely integrated with other substances, in order to jointly build a beautiful full of vitality of the natural landscape, create pure and fresh and quiet environment, the brilliance of Chinese gardens.
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