The micro, check view - — Figurines three exhibition opened on April 16

by:Ennas      2021-10-07
Core tip: on the evening of April 16, 2016 at half past seven, 'micro check view - - - - - - - Figurines three exhibition 'in the 798 art district, the author gallery opening, by Li Yujun curator, the artists are respectively: xiao-lin wang, rustling, on the evening of April 16, 2016 at half past seven,' micro check view - - - - - - - Figurines three exhibition 'in the 798 art district, the author gallery opening, by Li Yujun curator, the artists are respectively: xiao-lin wang, rustling, Zhang Jianlong, exhibition ends on May 11. Exhibition at the scene of three young figurine artist figurine works presents different characteristics respectively, and the exhibition form is unique. Li Yujun think, how to make use of a small space to present more than ten pieces of three artists is a challenge. However, from the scene of the case, the exhibition was a great success. Curators combines figurines and classic furniture, combined with a small container, for the masses to present a different visual landscape in the form of regular exhibition. From the themes of the exhibition, named 'microscopic view' as well as the profound meanings behind. Li Yujun thought, the concept of 'micro' from the perspective of sociological analysis, often for 'macro' phenomenon. Because social phenomenon also step in as a sociologist reality, with sociology Angle of view of the data materials to the real social phenomenon and collection. Under the background of the great age of the civilization of modern science and technology, every artist is the carrier of social individual 'micro' phenomenon, the informatization and networking, media everything, technical, visualization, consumption, and so on the complex social situation, under the influence of every artist in the personal purposeful action practice with their own emotional memory. Exhibition at the scene of 'view' is the philosophy of zen and the check is not to stop, not freeze. In simple terms, check is revised, precluding all keep silence and calm, the view is wisdom, on the wisdom is truly understand impermanence, that some of the Buddha's teachings by all living truth. Dickens famously said that this is one of the best times, is also a the worst of times. Under the frenetic pace and demands of the consumer with ideology, the value idea of people had different aspects of the reflected, whether the creator, or the viewer, in the face of a work of art when it is difficult to really stop, in a piece of work or things after the dust settles, serious to observe and think, 'micro' scenery is belong to the entertainment of lesser, often projection is still happy. So, when we need insist on, may be in front of you is a kind of beautiful even super beautiful picture, and you can't see the beauty of the shock. The personal experience of the exhibition at the scene of three artists and creative characteristics in different ways. Xiao-lin wang from xining in qinghai is a girl, but the figurine from xi 'an jiaotong university graduate choose down after they graduated from guangzhou, to explore her personal figurine art research direction of material and process, through the treasure of all living beings and the nature of fear, her attention and thinking increasingly sublimation, work also gradually mature; Rustling is Beijing girl, the earliest engaged in the design, by chance let her infatuation for tang figurines produced, especially tang warrior character modelling natural and graceful to body full of characteristics were deeply fascinated by her, she began to children's naive and irrational perspective is the details of life, and is reflected in her creation aspect of miniature figurine, fully show the side of her own life is full of interest; Zhang Jianlong thinking of art and language from the oil painting medium breakthrough, choose transformation into a small statue of the contemporary art the most avant-garde art form to express themselves, appear more mature and pure, simple and direct, in figurine works on the performance of total have the temperament of a kind of instinct of happiness and personality. To sum up, the three of them work appears to have made up of simple language elements, but contains a simple psychological suggestion and boundless imagination. Xiao-lin wang flowers since faded and fallen, cast copper color 45 x49x20cm xiao-lin wang 'unreal, fly together with you 170 & # 120; 87 x45cm cast copper rustling the fat woman yuan yuan - Big fish '- 16×20×47- Copper color - 2016, rustling the fat woman yuan yuan - With '- snow 25×17. 5×31- Copper color - 2014 Zhang Jianlong wind samurai 4 35 x 18 x 36. 5 cm copper chemical coloring 2015 Zhang Jianlong 35 x 22 'nowhere to lay my youth'. 5 cm copper chemical coloring 2014 x 109
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