The method of making the finished glass plate artificial blown glass container

by:Ennas      2020-06-15
Core tip: a variety of glass, can meet the different needs of different occasions. By adjusting the material and process to make glass, manufacturer can make great changes in the properties of the glass material, thus glass variety, to meet the different needs of different occasions. By adjusting the material and process to make glass, manufacturer can make great changes in the properties of the glass material, making it more stable and durable. For example, the commonly used not only strength than common glass, toughened glass and debris will not hurt, safe and reliable. This paper will introduce the glass processing, deepen everyone's understanding. One, the method of making the finished glass plate 1, selection of the raw: first of all have glass glass, glass processing, of course, have to ordinary glass processing factory is not in the production of glass, glass, only large glass company production such as xinyi glass, south bo group didn't produce such a big company. Glass glass thickness is different also, if the production is generally selected display of glass between 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm thickness, due to the digital products for the transmission of light demand is higher, so will choose super white glass. 2, the size of the glass cutting: the size of the glass itself is a big block, is usually more than thirty meters, two meters wide. Cutting can be described as a first step glass processing, the staff will be calculated according to the size of the customer drawings how to cut this piece of glass. Behind the algorithm must consider the glass edge mo consumed by size. So there is also a tolerance. 3, glass edge grinding chamfering: freshly chopped glass is cut hand, glass edges will be sharp, customers will ask edge grinding, but edge grinding mill with bright mist side, in a box in the ground fog edge line, it also can reduce costs, sharpen the edge is the customer requirements for beautiful glass degree is high. After chamfering edge grinding, chamfering also has designed the chamfering machine, through the function of chamfering accurate pour out want R Angle. 4, toughened: toughened with physical toughened with chemical tempered, we here physical toughened, physical toughened is inside the glass in the glass tempering furnace heated to a certain degree, and then cooling it, glass tempered hardness after reinforced. Customer require of toughened glass, so that security. Toughened glass is also a safety glass said. 5, screen printing: some glass will be after this step, because the customer want to glass with some design, company logo etc. Silk screen also has a high temperature silk and silk at low temperature, high temperature silk screening will be conducted in the first step of steel. Printing house cleaner. This ink will not mixed with impurities. Screen printing effect will be better. 6, cleaning detection packing: behind the glass by inspector test can pass, there is a problem of glass will be selected, some invalid, some can again owe processing. Good glass through the film lamination machine, and then packed in kraft paper. Second, the glass container artificial blown manual blowing primarily use a hollow iron pipe ( Or stainless steel tube) One side, used to stained glass, the other is used for artificial blowing. The length is about 1. 5 ~ 1. 7 m, the center diameter 0. 5 ~ 1. 5 cm, could be selected according to the size of the products of different specifications of the torch. Hand blown relies mainly on the skilled technical wood and I have operating experience, operating method seems simple, but to blow products produced to meet the requirements in handy, especially blowing complex art decorations are not easy. Most hand blown glass material is melted in the crucible And there have been small towel melted pool kiln) , molding temperature changes more complex. Began forming temperature is higher, the viscosity of the molten glass is small, operation duration can be slightly longer, glass material, and sentenced to time, in the iron bowl can be slightly longer, vesicle material can also be slightly through some cold, as the crucible in glass is expected to gradually reduce and cooling time extended, the blow made type operation must gradually speed up the pace. The main skills: (blown by hand 1) Mix material wants even, hot glass in the symmetrical distribution of each part is mainly depend on whether the rotation speed of steel tubes is proper, rotating too fast or too slow can create products partial thickness; ( 2) Blowing time and blow air to the right, blowing through congress to make products department is too thin, size is larger; On the other hand, can make the end too thick, the small size. So luck, blowing strength just right is the key to guarantee the products size. ( 3) Selects the material weight every time should be consistent, because the molding method is mainly rely on feel and experience. Liquid viscosity and close to the upper glass crucible crucible at the bottom of the glass fluid viscosity has difference, especially pay attention to when choose. Relevant concepts of glass crystal glass is inorganic nonmetallic materials, usually with a variety of inorganic mineral ( Such as quartz sand, borax, boric acid, barite, barium carbonate, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, etc. ) As the main raw material, add a small amount of other auxiliary material. Its main composition is sio2 and other oxides. Chemical composition of common glass is Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, SiO2 or 6 Na2O, CaO, SiO2, etc, was mostly silicate double salt, is a kind of random structure of amorphous solids. Widely used in buildings, to every wind pervious to light, belongs to the mixture. Another mixed with some metal oxide or salts and show the color of colored glass, and through the physical or chemical method, the tempered glass, etc.
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