The maternal and infant industry is hot, MBC China is here for you, and we will go to this feast of cooperation with you!

by:Ennas      2021-11-27

With the continuous development of my country's economy and the continuous advancement of the second-child policy, the maternal and infant industry, as an industry that encompasses products and services for pregnant women, infants, and children, is unprecedentedly popular. The forecast of the Prospective Research Institute shows that the market size of the entire maternal and infant products will exceed 3 trillion in 2018. The maternal and infant industry is booming. Opportunities are also accompanied by challenges. Everyone wants to take a share. E-commerce, cross-border, capital, and entities have poured in. The traditional maternal and infant industry has been strongly impacted. How to break the traditional model and get a new life ? How should physical maternity stores retain their advantages in this wave? MBC China is here for you, and join you in this feast of cooperation! MBC China is the abbreviation of the 2018 Shenzhen International Maternity and Baby Products Exhibition. MBC is a professional event for the professional maternity and child industry in South China. It will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 5-7, 2018. This year’s exhibition gathers major well-known companies in the maternity, infant and child industry. The eight themed exhibition areas are coordinated with diverse and exciting summit activities. At the same time, high-end summits and forums that meet the needs of various professionals are held to create China’s maternity and infants in an 'all-round, three-dimensional' manner. Children's industry brand exhibition. The 6th Shenzhen International Maternity and Infant Products Exhibition in 2018 gathered 30,000+ professional buyers, 600+ exhibitors, 100,000+ families, 100+ mass media and channel media, 50+ domestic and foreign maternity and infant industry institutions, and 500,000+ articles. Channel dealer database. Brand new publicity channels, professional audience recruitment team, fully integrate online and offline brand communication systems, organize a huge channel database of more than 500,000, and unique industry and platform resources of the industrial base, and customize diversified brand promotion for you Solutions to assist you in accurate market communication, and to invite your target customers to visit the exhibition in a targeted manner, and strive to create a feast of cooperation for you. 2018MBC China will hold the 2018 'Ice Breaker' Forum for the Maternity and Infant Industry at the same time as the exhibition, aiming to break the current traditional model of the maternity and infant industry. Well-known experts in the industry will interpret the current trend of new retail channels for maternity and infants and open up traditional retail. After the border with new retail, more consumption conversion can be promoted. We have also prepared a wealth of on-site activities for you, all-round interaction, and strengthen mutual exchanges. To learn more about exhibiting and visiting information, please log on to the official website of Shenzhen International Maternity and Infant Products Exhibition or follow 'Shenzhen Maternity, Infant and Child Exhibition' on WeChat. Exhibitor contact: Mr. Zhang 13661785086 Email: Tel: +86-21-51987033 Fax: +86-21-54890578
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