The manufacturer produces toy stationery without considering the negative impact on children

by:Ennas      2021-12-12

Compared with ordinary stationery, these toy stationery can capture the hearts of elementary school students. In the first week of school, the reporter visited Nanzhan Primary School, Guzhu Primary School and other surrounding commissaries and stationery stores and found that toy-type stationery was very popular during the start of school. Parents expressed concern about the increasingly toy-like stationery.   The reporter saw in stationery wholesale stores and small shops around elementary schools that a lot of stationery has novel designs, and stationery tends to be toys. When I walked to some counters selling stationery, people who didn't know the inside thought they had walked into the toy store.   'Our store is new to bear-infested stationery, elementary school students hurry up and buy it!' Yesterday, the reporter saw the store launching a promotional message for toy stationery at the entrance of a small shop near Nanzhan Primary School. 'This isn't just the beginning of school. Toy stationery has been selling very well these past two days. Many elementary school students will choose fancy-looking stationery when shopping.' said the owner of a stationery store. 'The child is in the first grade of elementary school this year. I am afraid that I am not used to going from kindergarten to elementary school. I want to use toy stationery to help the child transition. School bags, pencils, rulers, erasers, etc. are all cartoon images. Later, the child's head teacher reminded him that the child was in class If you don’t pay attention to the lecture, you are all playing with stationery as toys.” Mr. Liu, who is buying stationery for children, said that toy-type stationery will not only affect children’s learning, but also be more expensive than ordinary ones. “For example, an ordinary gel pen. 1 to 2 yuan, such as a bear or angry bird on the pen cap, it costs 2 to 8 yuan.” Ms. Zhao, the parent of   , said that some businesses gradually turn stationery into toys in order to attract children to buy, and primary school students have poor self-control ability. With a stationery that can be used as a toy, it’s easy to indulge yourself.   Guzhu Elementary School principal, Ma Yunmei, believes that stationery has only the simplest function, which is to help with learning. The manufacturer of toy stationery only considers economic benefits and does not consider the negative impact on children. 'Children have a playful nature and are easily attracted by fancy things. Not only do they distract elementary students from class, but they also make it easy for children to compare with each other and form bad learning habits. Even some fancy-looking stationery will drop after using for a period of time. Lacquer may affect the physical and mental health of children. Teachers and parents should pay attention to guiding children correctly.' She suggested that parents should choose simple and practical stationery for their children.
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