The major characteristics of figurine art

by:Ennas      2020-06-23
Summary: a small statue in all kinds of plastic or rigid materials, shape, or carved touch all kinds of visual art image to reflect social life of a kind of art. Figurines includes both carving and plastic. Carving, stone figurines are all kinds of plastic or rigid materials, shape, or carved touch all kinds of visual art image to reflect social life of a kind of art. Figurines includes both carving and plastic. Carving, stone carving, woodcarving,. chinese, etc; Plastic, mainly refers to the clay sculpture, bronze is plastic before they are cast. This is the difference of the way and the material. Figurine of the genre in the memorial figurines, figurines of decoration, small garden statues, etc. ; Figurine style has a head, bust, portrait, portrait, group, etc. Figurines are divided into full relief and relief in two forms. Below zhongtai stone industry will bring people together to meet figurine art several main characteristics: 1. Figurine with three degrees of empty q ( Length, width and height) Entity image reappearance life figurines, mold three-dimensional artistic image, the image has a solid material. The viewer can directly receive it from the vision not only, and can be controlled by touch touch to its existence, the round could even let the audience to appreciate from different point of view, has strong space effect. Excellent figurine works can give a person with a real sense of life, making inanimate bronze or marble can feel the warmth of the skin, the representative work of millon discobolus, shaping the image of the discus athletes: he stooped and leaned forward, right leg bent, and his left foot dragging and point, after the whole body strength fell on the right foot; The left hand gently lifted his right knee, right hand hold pinto in the discus. The whole body in balance, will roll out the gesture, the muscles of the body are correspondingly changed by this action, full of power and life energy movement. This figurine is tasted, using the practical technique, make full use of the characteristics of the figurines, creative characters of dynamic in strenuous exercise, created a vivid, bright discus thrower entity image, in a broad space, with the timeliness of the sports. This is difficult to achieve the artistic effect of other art. 2. Figurines shaping characters, find the character's appearance characteristics and ideological character figurines tend to people as its basic subject. Grottoes in ancient China, the figure of Buddha, though are various and colorful, but god has form and appearance characteristics. Ancient Greek statue, almost comes from the Greek myth story. Alone to describe the many small statue of Venus, they are different shapes of various, facial expression, but there are people body, posture, have the same personality and ordinary people, feelings and hot pursuit. Such as: the rhodes Venus is a beauty of god's going out of the stone, the left leg squats, god focus fell on the half brittle the right leg, two hands are hair; Her grave, plump, see her, just like the ordinary way when bathing, make the person feels it is not god, but on the island of rhodes is a simple, strong and handsome and pure fishermen's daughter. There are few small statue, is directly form, expression of various kinds of animals. As Rome, Italy famous statue 'female nursing two baby' and 'small guangzhou wuyang statue in our country, but they are drawn from the legend of associated with the life of people, small statue is still a man's life, thoughts, feelings, ideal, desire. 3. Figurines image is simple, the demand for real life to more concentrated, more reflect the figurine with relatively static, pure art form, instead of words. Small statue, for example, 'Laocoon' depicts a complex historical legends. Figurines, selected the Laocoon moment battling serpent typical movement, expression, in order to make people give full play to imagination: you see, Laocoon the body of the bow and the chest to the left of the tilt, the positive distortion of the abdomen, as long as the audience to have a look, will feel oneself also in such pain. His frown, two overstepping the light, the forehead lines twitch, nose 'and that the crooked mouth seems to send a moan, suggests that he is a final struggle with death. At this moment, in the face of his son's call for help, he can't. Figurines home is like to a continuous action will in artistic image.
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