The live-action version of 'Bald Head Strong' is a chef, not a lumberjack

by:Ennas      2021-12-11

Recently, some netizens said that they saw a live-action version of the protagonist 'Bald Head Strong' in the cartoon 'Bear Infestation' in Fangchenggang City. After posting a comparison photo, it caused heated discussion on the Internet. On the afternoon of August 12, a reporter from the South China Morning Post found that the two were indeed quite similar, except that the live-action version of 'Bald Head Strong' was not a lumberjack, but a chef. On August 9th, the netizen 'Brother Dongdong' posted on the Internet 'This uncle is going to be on fire'. The post posted a few photos of a man, calling him a live-action version of 'Bald Head Strong. Afterwards, some netizens posted the image of 'bald head strong' in the domestic cartoon 'Bear Infestation'. The two are very similar, attracting netizens to 'worship.' At present, the post has been viewed by more than 20,000 people and forwarded through multiple social networking tools. 'Bald Head Strong' has become a local Internet celebrity for a while. On the afternoon of the 12th, in Qisha Town, Port District, Fangchenggang City, a reporter from the Nanguo Morning Post found that the live-action version of 'Bald Head Strong' has become a local celebrity. He drove it.'   The reporter quickly found the 'Bald-headed Qiang' who was busy in the kitchen. He walked out of the kitchen, wiped the sweat from his face with a towel, and sat down with a grin: 'Because of my image, many friends from other places came to see me, and the food stall business has improved a lot.' 'Strong bald. 'He said that his real name is Huang Bin, he is 34 years old and he is from Guangpo Town, Port District. The food stalls opened in June last year. Before that, he worked in a ceramic factory in Guangdong and worked as a chef in other people's restaurants after returning home in 2008. 'Three years ago, I fell while riding a motorcycle. I knocked my head and broke a hole. I had to cut my hair for stitches. Later, I simply shaved off my hair.' Huang Bin said that after he became bald, he kept having Friends said that he looked like the 'bald-headed strong' in the cartoon, and some even said that he wanted to be his agent and let him participate in imitation shows. So, he went home to look for 'Bear Infested' and found out that he did look a bit similar to the animated character. Since then, every time he sees 'Bald Head Strong' in cartoons, his 4-year-old son is called 'DadHuang Bin said that his reputation gradually spread. Many tourists from Nanning and Liuzhou were introduced to Qisha to 'see him' and take photos with him. His food stall business has gradually become prosperous. . A few days ago, a friend posted his photo online, but he did not expect to turn himself into an 'Internet celebrity.'   Huang Bin did not reject the title of 'bald head strongAfter Typhoon 'Ramason' blew off his signboard, he has printed two pictures of 'Bald Head Strong' on the new signboard. Lumberjacks wearing yellow helmets and holding chainsaws turned into wearing Chef with chef hat and spatula. He said that he would not deliberately imitate the look and actions of the 'bald head strong   'Happy Little Girl': Haha, I also like to watch 'Bear Infested   'Zining': Strongly request him to wear all outfits.   'Romantic International Travel': I have the opportunity to take my son to the 'Bald Head Strong' house for dinner.   'Uncle Cold Sauce': If his storefront hangs a few more Xiong Da Xiong Er toys, then his business will be very prosperous.
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