The legendary story of Cai Dongqing's family and Aofei animation

by:Ennas      2021-12-09

30 |Cai Dongqing family 15.972 billion yuan/Aofei Animation Age: 53 years old/ Birthplace: Shantou, Guangdong/ Position: Chairman of the Board of Directors/ Headquarters: Shantou, Guangdong Province/Industry: Culture Media/ Shareholding Ratio: Holding Aofei Animation (002292, shares) 70.89% equity / shareholder status: The actual controller Cai Dongqing holds 70.89% of the shares of Aofei Animation. As of the wealth management weekly report on July 4, the wealth of resources laboratory statistics, the Cai Dongqing family's equity wealth reached 15.972 billion yuan, ranking 30th in China's family wealth list. After three years of listing, it has jumped to the rich list Cai Dongqing, a name that most people are not familiar with before. However, as of September 1, 2013, Guangdong Aofei Animation Culture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Aofei Stock') successfully passed the meeting. , The first animation concept stock was born in the A-share market. When the wealth of 2.5 billion emerged, this unfamiliar person began to become the focus of discussion. Cai Dongqing, a child born in an ordinary peasant family in Guangdong, started his first entrepreneurial journey with a loan of 800 yuan when he was less than 20 years old. Although he eventually failed because of the unsalable products, this experience made this young man feel good. Business acumen has gradually taken shape.   Cai Dongqing's second venture in 1986 was still the old way of imitation, but different from the previous one, he succeeded this time. He has his own processing plant and obtained his first pot of gold from the manufacturing industry.   In 1992, Cai Dongqing began to imitate four-wheel drive vehicles, and by holding four-wheel-drive competitions and introducing Japanese 'four-wheel-drive kid' cartoon marketing methods, the four-wheel drive vehicles were sold nationwide. In that year, Aofei's revenue exceeded 100 million yuan.   In October 2004, Cai Dongqing registered 'Guangzhou Aofei Culture Communication Co., Ltd.' as a subsidiary of Aofei Animation, which is mainly engaged in the production of animation, film and television.   By 2007, Aofei Animation has set a record high of nearly 500 million yuan in operating income, an increase of 85% over the same period last year.   On the road of exploring the industrialization of animation, Aofei undoubtedly fought a beautiful battle.   On September 10, 2009, Aofei Animation went public successfully under the aura of 'the first stock of animation in China'.   In the 2012 Forbes China Rich List, Cai Dongqing ranked 222th with a net worth of 4.3 billion yuan. The huge transformation from 800 yuan to 4.3 billion yuan also attracted the envy of the outside world.  As the first stock of animation in China’s A-share market, Aofei Animation’s revenue from animation toys has risen from 31% in 2006 to 55.46% in 2013, and its revenue from animation, film and television has also reached 13.97%. The loss of the acquisition of a game company raises doubts. Although the film business has become a new direction for Aofei Animation in 2013, there was a beautiful performance battle for Aofei Animation. However, for the growth of performance, some shareholders questioned: 'The company has many acquisitions, and it feels lacking. A main line.”    In this regard, the company’s chairman Cai Dongqing said that the company’s core business is animation IP. This year, Aofei Animation will turn from an animation company to a pan-entertainment company and become a new era of Chinese Disney and a new media company in the Internet era. .   On April 15, Aofei Animation and its wholly-owned subsidiary Aofei Hong Kong will transfer 40% of the shares of Guangzhou Sanle Information Technology Co., Ltd. and 40% of the shares of Waystar at a price of 118 million yuan.   This is the fourth and fifth game company that Aofei Animation has acquired since last year. However, these two companies are still losing money, which has also become the focus of shareholder suspicion.   In this regard, the company said that 'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf' had also lost money, and the company realized profit soon after the merger. Whether the purchase price is too high, different people have different opinions. Doing an Mu0026A is like making an investment. You cannot wait until the game is successful. Before a game is not popular, the turnover is not much and the valuation is not high. Teams and top-ranked products in the subdivisions.   At the same time, the film business is also a new business focused on by Aofei Animation. The company stated, “At present, the Aofei movie segment is mainly for children’s movies. In the future, we will also shoot some animation movies that are suitable for all ages and are similar to Kung Fu Panda. It is expected to be launched in 2016.    In Cai Dongqing’s vision, Aofei’s The movie sector can occupy a place in Chinese movies.    At the same time, Aofei's films are different from Huayi Brothers (300027, stocks) and Light Media (300251, stocks). Each of Aofei's movies will correspond to IP.
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