The Korean adult toy market is rapidly expanding at an annual growth rate of 20%

by:Ennas      2021-12-09

Many people say that people need to maintain a childlike innocence to forget their worries and appreciate the novelty and beauty of the world. Nowadays, more and more Koreans maintain such a childlike innocence, and many of them even play with toys like children. This group of adults who like toys are called 'childlike adults' by the Korean society. Their toys are different from the stuffed toys and small robots that children play with, but some high-spec 'heavy weaponsIt also includes exquisite models of the protagonists of Japanese cartoons.   Adult toys are often sophisticated and expensive, and some prices are even equivalent to the monthly salary of a new office white-collar worker. However, 'childlike adults' include high-income earners such as doctors and accountants. Like fashionistas who chase fashion, they are very willing to spend money when they encounter toys they like.   The Korean adult toy market is rapidly expanding at an annual growth rate of 20%. Merchants are in this market like a fish in the water, whether in offline physical stores or online shopping malls, adult toys are very popular. learned from a recent report in The Korea Times: After get off work, government servant Min Suk-hyun spends most of his time on things that may surprise his colleagues-playing with toys.   At the age of 39, he is still a bachelor, serving on the National Election Commission. He said: 'Whenever assembling a plastic toy model, I feel refreshed and the fatigue of going to work is gone. These days I am playing the M4 Sherman tank (M4 Sherman), which was used by the Allies during World War II '  Min Suk-hyun's home is filled with all kinds of assembled plastic tanks, and there are also some other types of 'weapons'. 'I don't think toys can only be played by children. Many adults I know like to play with toys.'    Adults who have the same hobbies as him are called 'childlike adults' or 'kidult adults' in Korea. ). Some product manufacturers noticed this group and developed a series of corresponding products. Statistics show that in recent years, the annual growth rate of this market is as high as 20%. Last year, the market size has reached 500 billion won. Many retailers say they are increasing the supply of such goods because adults have very strong purchasing power. Yeom Chang-sun, sales manager of I'Park Mall in Yongsan District, Seoul, said: “Like those who chase fashion at any price to buy fashion,'childlike adults' are very willing to spend money when they see their favorite toys. There are 15 toy stores in this mall and 7 of them sell adult toys. One of them is Tamiya Plamodel Factory, which sells high-precision Japanese cartoon character models, each priced at about 470,000 won. '   High-horsepower Adult toys that can be remotely controlled are sold for 1.8 to 2 million won each. This price is equivalent to the monthly salary of a white-collar office worker who has just stepped into the society. It is really expensive. 'Although these toys are expensive, they sell well every month. During the holiday season, we sell more.' Yeom Chang-sun added that the Korean summer holiday generally runs from the end of June to mid-August.   Data from G-Market, the largest online shopping mall in South Korea, shows that the sales of adult toys in the mall have almost tripled in the last month, and the cartoon version of remote-controlled toys is the most popular. Driven by a good market, the sales of virtual display windows on the website have also increased. A seller on the G-Market online store said: “We will make more adult toys and then sell them online. The most popular adult toys are around 100,000 won. However, the high-priced ones Sales of similar products are also continuing to grow. The market situation is gratifying and we are working hard to seize this opportunity.” Kim Nan-do, professor of consumer science at Seoul National University, said that the reason why adult toys are selling well is that men and women in their 30s and 40s Women have a deep nostalgia for their childhood. 'The two major factors that produce these'naive adults' are: the repressed desire in childhood, and the powerful purchasing power now that allows this desire to be released.' He said.   Market observers believe that the adult toy market will continue to grow, because more and more well-paid adults will join the ranks of 'juvenile adults'. Euh Choong-kyung, executive director of the Korea Toy Industry Federation, said: “The good news is that more and more high-paying people, such as doctors and accountants, are beginning to realize the joy of playing with toys. These consumers will make toys for adults. The product line is becoming more and more abundant. '  ' At present, most high-end adult toys are imported from Japan, but Chinese manufacturers quickly seized the low-price market. However, Korean toy manufacturers are losing the market for them to survive. Territory.' He added.   In January this year, the International Toy Fair was held in Nuremberg, southern Germany, and attracted 72,000 European exhibitors. In the exhibition, 'Nano Quadcopter' was awarded the best toy award. It is an exquisite mini-helicopter, which is highly praised by many adult exhibitors at the scene. People's love for it spreads rapidly like a virus, which reflects the huge demand for adult toys in the European market.
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